Exploring Past Discoveries That Led to Wireless

Wireless technology is the method of delivering data from one point to
another without using physical wires, and includes radio, cellular,
infrared, and satellite.A historic perspective will provide you with a general
understanding of the substantial evolution that has taken place in
this area.The common wireless networks of today originated from many
evolutionary stages of wireless communications and telegraph and radio
applications. Although some discoveries occurred in the early 1800s,
much of the evolution of wireless communication began with the emergence
of the electrical age and was affected by modern economics as
much as by discoveries in physics.
Because the current demand of wireless technology is a direct outgrowth
of traditional wired 10-Base-T Ethernet networks, we will also
briefly cover the advent of the computer and the evolution of computer
networks. Physical networks, and their limitations, significantly impacted
wireless technology.This section presents some of the aspects of traditional
computer networks and how they relate to wireless networks.
Another significant impact to wireless is the invention of the cell phone.
This section will briefly explain significant strides in the area of cellular


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