Age 20 It’s So Presidential ALSA

At first glance looks of it, surely people would consider normal teenager. Like a student seumurannya, everyday he move his education in college.

But who would have thought, the owner’s full name is Mohammad Reza Widodo has served as President of the International Board of the Asian Law Students Association (ALSA), the period 2010-2011.

ALSA itself is an organization of students majoring in law in the Asian region. Currently, ALSA consists of 12 member countries namely China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Bangladesh.

Indonesia is one of the pioneers of the organization which had stood since 1989. About 100 University has been a member of ALSA, 12 among public universities in Indonesia, including the University of Airlangga.

Then how the owner of this familiar greeting Reza, could be elected as President of ALSA? As the leader of the organization that oversees the 12 member states, Reza must have gone through recent tests held in Seoul, South Korea, beginning last August.

“I became the only candidate in the election yesterday, initially there were representatives from Hong Kong’s competitors, but for some reason he resigned in the final seconds. Not easy to achieve this position, I should be able to translate the vision and mission with convincing, then afterwards held a vote. Thank God I could be elected, “said alumni SMAN 1 Sidoarjo is explained, as quoted in a written statement, Airlangga University, on Friday (04/25/2011).

With this new position, Reza must supervise six officers or any other position, held by members from various countries. Not to mention running the programs owned by ALSA, including ALSA Conference and Forum, Study Trip and ALSA International Academic Programs.

“I think baseball was as busy, because I think that I go through all this fun. At first I was casually involved in youth conferences abroad. Aim to deepen English language skills, not him I became addicted because it is far more likely to get, “said the teenager who is fluent in English and French.

Admittedly, with meeting people from different countries, Reza would have a chance to learn how the mindset and work ethic in the country. “So know that overseas, for example in Singapore, there is rarely social conflict within an organization. All can work with a professional and timely manner, “he said. This is also true in the education system.

For the year ahead, Reza wanted to bring ALSA better. Although the time consumed a lot, but apparently academic affairs remain a major concern. “My goal 3.5 years to graduate college. Alhamdulillah current GPA is still above 3, “he said.

Uniquely, the hobbyist sports pool is actually really have ideals plunge into the world of aviation. “There are two things that attracted me, first is the passion in language, that’s why I love to learn languages. Secondly, the passion in aviation, I wish I could be a pilot, “Reza said that only twenty years old in September this year.


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