Live a Lifestyle Change & Therapy, snoring too Reduced

SNORING is a loud sound coming out of the upper respiratory tract. Snoring is the vibration of soft roof of the mouth and uvula, a small piece of meat that hangs behind him. Simple, but can be a particular concern spouse or neighbor sufferers of this bad habit.

Dr. Ralph E. Stanley FRCS, Senior Consultant Ear Nose Throat Stanley & Sinus Centre, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore explained, the diagnosis can be established through an examination of the ears, nose, and throat carefully using a laryngoscope nose to examine whether there are blockages in the nose and sinus-sinus, up to channel throat.

The case most commonly found, is a nasal sinus infection, enlargement Konka nose, nasal polyps, and enlarged tonsils. The base of the tongue did not escape the observation. Another inspection is carried out overnight polysomnography (sleep study), which can be done anywhere.

This noninvasive examination using sensors or electrodes placed on the skin and connected to a monitor that contains the scale parameter of all brain wave (EEG), muscle tension, chest movement and eye, nose or mouth breathing, blood oxygen levels, and snoring recording.

“All parameters were captured by computer, stored, and interpreted by the physician examiner. Inspection is the ‘gold standard’ diagnosis and degree of severity, “said Dr. Ralph.

Information obtained from the above two types of examination helps the doctor to determine whether the patient has a problem in snoring or sleep apnea syndrome, or both, and the degree of severity of the syndrome.

Syndrome, upper airway resistance is sometimes difficult to enforce and is suspected as a result of increased arousal with a history of excessive sleepiness in times of day.

“Balancing the weight and regular exercise are two basic steps that can be done when the patient to overcome snoring and sleep obstructive apnea syndrome,” advises Dr. Ralph.

“Avoid the consumption of tranquilizers or the like, and reduce alcohol intake. If snoring worsened in the supine position, the patient should be tilted to change sleeping position, so that the tongue does not fall backwards and obstruct the airway, “added Dr. Ralph.

Handle infections and allergies in the nose and sinuses medically well enough to open the airway obstruction, especially in the nose. In people with sleep apnea syndrome with snoring and / or syndrome of the upper airway resistance, it is advisable to undergo positive airway pressure therapy on nasal CPAP is continuing or (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

In this case, the patient should sleep with the face or nose mask connected by a flexible tube to a small machine that serves to compress the ambient air, then air is transferred into the patient’s nose to open the airway and the splint, so that decreases snoring and improve sleep quality of patients .

Despite showing the success rate of therapy was satisfactory, a third patient refused because of lack of comfortable sleep with a machine and mask. While in patients with mild sleep apnea syndrome with snoring, may widen the lane throat with special dental appliances that push the jaw forward thereby increasing air flow throat and reduce snoring.

This equipment must be used with caution because pressing the jaw joint. Some specific surgical treatment carried out in accordance with the condition of the patient.

“Beware of your sleeping style, and immediately consult a doctor if you are suffering from sleep apnea syndrome. Snoring is no activity at all laughable, because it is closely related to a strong suppression of the heart and nervous system of the body. Snoring is not a part of the humor of life, and can be handled with or without surgery, “said Dr. Ralph.


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