Things To Do Before Graduate

College is very pleasant to live without the burden. But there’s nothing wrong if you have a list of things you want to do before graduating. Consider contekannya.

In the book 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate, Patricia Hudak and Jullien Gordon write fun things that students can maximize their experience and prepare for the world.

Here are ten points which they describe as first reported by The Huffington Post, on Wednesday (23/03/2011).

1. Complete plans akademismu

Every minute you spend in planning your time on campus will increase your desire graduated on time, or even faster. By having a plan, you will not only be able to take a variety of compulsory subjects, but also opened the chance to take next semester courses at more quickly, write a thesis, or taking a short course abroad.

2. Meet with faculty walimu at least three times a year

Lecturer guardian should be your best friend on campus. He can be like a personal financial adviser or a coach who helped in navigating your journey. In addition to faculty trustee, you can also get help from other people.

3. Meet the instructor in office hours

Do not feel intimidated by the instructor, especially by those who earned the nickname “killer”. Actually, they want to help, loh. They wanted to share a passion about science unto you, that’s why they teach. Ask them, and let them know you. If they do not approach you, then YOU will have to approach them.

4. Meet chairman jurusanmu

Chairman of the majors (kajur) to know not only the development of the workforce in your field, but also lecturers and courses where you must take to progress your studies. Each department has different opportunities for students, for example for the scholarship, various activities, and employment. Hence, temenan with kajurmu, yes!

5. Invite a faculty lunch

A professor is the right person for you ikutsertakan in a network that you build. Lecturers can function as penghubungmu with the campus and all its resources. They not only help you learn more about jurusanmu, but also introduce you to people in the world of work that may be hired. Exciting, right?

6. Studying abroad

Along the development of a globalized world, having an international perspective will give you advantages in life and your career. Workers like to spend time to travel abroad, because it expands the knowledge and demonstrate their initiative and ideas.

7. Asking questions in class

This is your chance to be a hero and stay humble. On the one hand, you get a chance to ask further questions everyone in the class. On the other hand, by asking about it, you’ll show that you are confused or really does not know the material that you ask. In the end, you help everyone. You help the lecturer to become a better teacher. You’re helping classmates. And you help yourself find certainty.

8. Learning foreign languages

In this era of globalization, more and more people speaking in several languages. Britain is just one of four languages ​​that are widely used in the world. Besides English, there are Mandarin, Indian, and Spanish. As the shrinking world, the ability to communicate will be a valuable skill.

9. Take the subject of non-majors

Try to take courses that have nothing to do with jurusanmu. Choose a subject that has long memnag interest you but you do not have the time and resources to explore it. But remember, do not take the course that was only because you think it will be easy. Who knows, the class of your chosen at random this will be a decisive change in your life.

10. Conducting research with faculty

Research is a basic capability for solving problems effectively. And, if research is done well and right, he will collect a variety of thoughts or questions about a particular topic, which can be used to create better value for the world. This is your chance to deepen your understanding of course material and your abilities. Not only that, by examining bersama lecturer, you also can develop relationships with professors that you admire, right?


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