Save Our Youths From Terror Bombing “(Book)”

WE all still agree if the “Books” is a window of the world that can bring readers into a period of time even though it was over hundred years or even generations.

We still agree that the “Books” and read it could lead someone to a higher degree. So no doubt, the more one reads the book, both books of history, politics, law, or various other types of books, so he will not be easily influenced by things that can be misleading. Because, automatically people who likes to read books more and more references.

So, what to do with “Terror Bomb (Book)” which circulated recently, and what to do with the generation of “young”. Some literature that reveals the greatness of the book especially in the pre-existence of sophistication Informsi Technology (IT) and even until now concluded, with the “Books” is born “Younger Generation” of genius. Generation that is able to liberate the people, nation, and state of the various calamities that membelenggunya.

Let us briefly look at the success of the First President of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno in Indonesia’s independence struggle. According to Professor of Cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Prof.. Dr. Bakdi Soemanto in their written works contained in the manual Exhibition Association of Indonesian Publishers (IKAPI) March 1 to 6 and then, Ir.Soekarno and his friends with their penchant for reading the “Books” is able to conduct various strategic step in diplomacy with the aim of the sovereignty of Indonesia could soon recognized on the world stage. And on 15 November 1946 through negotiations with the special commission from the UK, Indonesia is also a de facto internationally recognized sovereignty. In fact, the Dutch who repeatedly blocking Indonesia to independence and gain international recognition instructed to immediately leave the Republic with the deadline of 1949 (See: History of Struggle of Indonesia).

Prof. Bakdi Soemanto also explained that the succession of independence from colonialism could not be separated from the factor of “Books”. With books, many references that can be taken and used in the initiated strategy and diplomacy for the state of RI could soon rise and independence after centuries colonized 3.5.

Even when Ir. Sukarno was imprisoned in Bandung, he always felt free and independent. He recalled, with “book” he can wander around and meet with world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi of India, Garibaldi from Germany, and Abraham Lincoln of the United States.

It could indeed beyond greatness behind sheets of the book when we can all read and understand its contents. With his love of reading various books, Ir. Sukarno’s Indonesia was able to free this beloved of all forms of colonialism and oppression. Now when Indonesia declared independence it was clear 65 years are still many communities and people who are in the shadow of oppression. People’s pain can not afford treatment because of economic constraints, people are always haunted by anxiety because the government was unable to maintain security.

Now too, as when poverty and colonialism secretly been rampant in this country, the phenomenon of “Terror Bomb (Book) ‘increasingly disturbing public. The government is not able to quickly reveal who was responsible. So far the people are always anxious and suspicious of each get a package that resembles the “Books”, but it’s not necessarily sure the package “Terror Bomb (Book).”

We also hope that “Terror Bomb (Book)” circulating in the community could soon be over. So that peace and tranquility of the community for the move can work well without filled with dread and anxiety. Finally the younger generation can calmly go back to enjoy the book so that a generation of intelligent and dignified, enerasi capable of solving all the problems of the nation and the country well and true. Like the Ir. Sukarno et al liberate the nation and beloved country Indonesia is free from all forms of colonialism. Amen

Denin Al-Kangean
Student Communication and Broadcasting Islam
Education and the World Observer
UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


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