Keep The System Improvement

Currently, if we look at education in Indonesia is still faced with many problems so complicated and complex. Many cases and deviations that increasingly menggurita in our educational body. Various indicators also illustrate how the low quality of our education in the eyes of the world. On the other hand there has lot of internal problems which until now has not been solved.

The problems occurred almost at all levels of our education, both at macro and micro level. And it spread ranging from curriculum and teacher until the problems of decentralization and devolution of education. Not to mention the matter of morality output low education, high cost of education, kastanisasi or privatization of education, etc.. In this case, including the pros and cons of UN issues that had not yet come to fruition.

All of this indicates how Even the scars of education in Indonesia. Or rough language education world that “shambles”. If diruntut of course there are many factors that cause Even the scars of our current educational world. In other words there can be no fire without smoke. According to the author’s view of education in Indonesia amburadulnya more likely caused by an error in our national education system. Where now there is the National Education System has failed to produce output of quality education and moral. In addition, our Education System has not been able beradabtasi with the demands of the times. And beyond that there are many other singularity-singularity at our Education System.

Thus the wise solution to fix our education is to reform the education itself, particularly the review of our national education system. Because that was the root problem of our education ambudarulnya. Proverbial system is the heart of an educational process. If you are experiencing abnormal heart of the process that happens to be not normal like it should. So basically first fix our national education system. Ideally, the national education system we must be proactive, flexible, democratic and fair.

Cipto Wardoyo
Student Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Education
Yogyakarta State University


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