Still Handling Terrorist Ambush

Terror bomb the middle of the book is a true trend only to turn a political issue only. According to Effendi Gozali, an expert on political communication, the issue of terror bomb packages of books that happened recently, the possibility of government deliberately created as a diversion issue.

Many arguments Effendi denied allegations utuk Gozali above allegation is that the perpetrators of the bomb package the book was long based on the target group. There’s even a saying for this, these groups always target objects that are considered as enemies of Islam or anything that smells of American and Zionist Jews.

The author tried to take a middle melihan this phenomenon. Looking at the pattern of recent acts of terrorism that occurred underwent major changes, when compared with the pattern of previous terrorist bombings that is by using high-powered bombs.

There are several possibilities that cause it. First, the terrorists began to realize that bombs with great strength will hurt many people and benyak cause any harm. By changing the pattern of the bomb are now preferring to use light-powered bombs, terrorists assess it does not hurt anymore a lot of people who are not a terror target.

Can we logikan if using a large bomb victims can not be predicted, it makes the counter-productive to the historical struggle to destroy target bomb. Also in kawatirkan not reached the target.

Second, terrorist groups InGaN show new things or new capabilities and to seek public sympathy with something new. Through acts of terror done in the name of religion or tribe, and ethnic.

Seeing both of these handlers can authors conclude that the terrorist problem in this country is very weak and unorganized. Terrorists allowed to own creative and casual. Even a number of intelligence analysts are concerned about the handling of various cases of terrorism in the country which is still considered chaotic, state and even considered not having strict legal regulation and qualified in the eradication of terrorism. Terror bomb at least prove the intelligence analysis is still very weak.

The Government also looks talkative response thereto, the discussion of the intelligence bill becomes a very complicated problem in the ranks of the cabinet today. Act are still hanging and can not be completed. The articles also crucial for the bill was actually very loose after Antisubversi Act repealed.

Circumstances that led to the attitude of law enforcers to be very worried if his actions to combat terrorism instead blamed too far so that violate human rights. However, the Bill of intelligence are discussed since 2002 until now could not be resolved simply because of differences in views related to some crucial articles. In the absence of legal tools and strict delegation of authority, a state that just made the position of law enforcement becomes a real dilemma. In the end, they often act without coordinating with each other well. Consequently, the nation’s security problems can not be solved quickly and thoroughly.

People are fed up waiting for the hope of peace which rests on the representatives of the people in Senayan there. Author perharap hopefully the representatives of the people always give the best for the people. Do not just promises but proof that we want. Hopefully useful.

Imam Khanafi
The writer is a student at the end of the study at the University of the Holy Muria
Active in campus press agency


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