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Philips Rice Cooker Cuisine Menu Able Sports 20

PHILLIPS Rice Coooker HD4768 comes with attractive design and multifunction. Female friend in the kitchen is capable of cooking up to 20 variants of the menu for the family. Great is not it?

Cooking is a hobby of household activities as well as fun if supported with the right equipment. Unfortunately, most people view cooking becomes less compact because of the large equipment needed.

In fact, with the right equipment and multifunctional, cooking is not just to save time and energy, but also became much more enjoyable with a menu that can be done experimentally.

“Most of the rice cooker on the market has not answered the need to cook inside with maximum results. And, now, this need answered by the presence of Philips Rice Cooker HD4768 designed by the experts at Philips, “said Johan Gaddafi Muazd, Customer Marketing Manager Consumer Lifestyle, PT Philips Indonesia in the” Healthy and Yummy Cooking with Philips’, some time ago.

Philips Rice Cooker HD4768 comes with heat regulation mechanism governed by computerization in various types of program options. This modern rice cooker can even be used to cook up to 20 kinds of healthy dishes (6 menu dishes of rice and 14 healthy), and capable of heating the food for 12 hours without ruining its flavor. It makes the dish so that the nutrient is maintained safely consumed the entire family.

Actor and presenter Ferry Salim who lined up to star for cooking with Philips Rice Cooker HD4768 say that the use Rice Cooker is very easy.

“For the beginner, each cooking program will be guided step by step visual and audio since the initial setup and during cooking. Each user can easily follow the instructions that appear on the screen, which is available in two language options: English and Mandarin, as well as an indication of the status of the cooking process in writing and animation, “said Ferry.

Product rice cooker is even equipped with a steamer tray that can be separated so that it can be used for various purposes while cooking, as well as container for making yogurt and other variants of the menu.

“With the right cooking tools, cooking will become a much more enjoyable process as well as presenting a more healthful menu and strengthen the interaction between the members of both families, friends, and couples,” concludes Johan.

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