Tax, Property Transfer People & Government

A financial planner said that if the tax is something intermediate form of wealth between the people and government.

Himself calls it the transition because the money comes from people who are paid to the state treasury and then used for routine expenses.

“Tax is a transfer of wealth from the people of the state treasury to finance routine expenditure and the surplus is used for saving society is the main source for financing investment source society,” said one financial perencena, Manuel Pakpahan, as quoted in his book titled I’m Not Want Servant Dinar So, on Saturday (13/03/2011).

He explained also about the type of tax, he named the two types of taxes. Ie local taxes and state taxes. As for covering the state tax is income tax, value added tax, development tax, luxury tax land and buildings and there are incoming and excise taxes.

“As for the types of local taxes include motor vehicle tax, radio tax and advertisement tax,” he said.

Further explained, the tax also has a function and an important role for this country. This tax is important because it is used in building the life of the country.

Taxes are a source pedapatan state to fund all expenses including development expenditure.

“Taxes levied by the state will be used to finance all the public interest. Including for the development so as to open employment opportunities, which in turn can increase people’s income,” he said.

However, as we know, this time a lot of irregularities that occurred related to these tax issues. Among specific items such as smuggling-related. Smuggling is a good form of electronic goods, wood, and works of music or movies.

Called also, there are worse that the employer or a company does not pay income tax of their employees.

“Do not let it eliminate our interest to not pay taxes. Therefore, by not paying taxes means that someone has been unfair to others. Because of this nation depends on my shoulder and we all,” he said.


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