My Name is Vandalism, I am Not a Terrorist

REMEMBER the movie “My Name Is Khan? Of course. Bollywood film is able to touch the hearts of the world on the moral message conveyed by trying Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) that he was not a terrorist. Cap itself is automatically attached to himself and his family who happened to be Muslims pascatragedi 11 September 2001. In fact, Khan did not know anything about the incident that killed more than 2,000 souls.

But how to be the story this movie huh? Take it easy. The author is only trying to explain the background of taking the title of this paper is borrowed from the movie My Name is Khan and I am Not a Terrorist.

This paper is also inspired by the dynamics of the national life of our people who have certain seasons. Not only is the rainy season, hot, dry, or season rambutan and durian; this country also had a season of natural disasters, earthquakes season, season, landslides, tsunamis and winter season a bomb blast. Whether intentional or not, but certainly 236 million people (population census 2010) of Indonesia’s population feel the same natural phenomenon over which seemed to never stop.

When Japan was hit by a tsunami devastated and nuclear explosions in Japan Fukhusima. Indonesia does not want to lose. As if to divert world attention to earthquake and tsunami Japan, rogue elements who are not responsible for seeking media attention through the explosion of a bomb with a new formula, “Bomb Book.” Although not designed for total destruction, but its impact is felt by the public who bring a sense of panic, anxiety and excessive (positive impact) vigilance.

Since 2002, Indonesia has often threatened with bomb explosions ranging from large-scale, small, so that it did not explode. So, whether any attempts of terror (read: destruction) from time to time we always call with terror? Of course everyone has a different answer.

The difference itself is also raised by the first forensic psychologist Indonesia, Reza Indragiri Amriel. While the majority of people of this country, one vote is a book addressing the terrorist bomb, he just called it as an act of vandalism which, when translated into Indonesian language means the destruction of only limited action.

This expression seems to be true. The impression that emerged when she heard the word terror with the word vandalism are also very different. This forensic psychologist said, although both aim to give a sense of fear and discomfort in others, but the case is not a book bomb into the realm of terror that the perpetrators would be called terrorists. Bomb book is not designed to kill and injure many people, but only wounding and giving a sense of fear. Indicators that makes Reza Indragiri Amriel classify the book as an act of vandalism bomb.

United States as a country that had the worst experience in terror cases do not always mention the attack on the sense of security as an act of terror. As with the failed bomb attacks in New York’s Times Square 2010, the U.S. president Barack Obama is not talkative but called it a terrorist act of vandalism. This title would have an impact on the community response that feels comfortable and calm pascaupaya bombing.

Vandalism called by Obama has eliminated the worry will keep alert for the millions of Americans. Lessons to be learned here is, as a nation that never stop learning from the history of bitter and sweet, the leaders of this nation’s civilian and military, the rich and ordinary people should be able to classify every state before the conclusion whether it is classified as an act of terror or only limited to vandalism efforts. The accuracy of the conclusion is so important because it influences the steps taken by people who wish not to be paranoid but limited vigilant and always alert.

Indonesia is generally easily influenced mindset nowadays. Nuclear case, for example. Although the world has bitter memories of a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima-Nagasaki 1945 ago, but not necessarily conclude all matters relating to nuclear have impact like Hiroshima Nagasaki. 1945 Hiroshima nuclear explosion, nuclear explosions are not the same in Japan Fukhusima 2011. So is the case with a bomb blast in Bali in 2002, the Australian embassy in 2004, and in the other hemisphere can not be equated with a bomb blast at the Utan Kayu book, Dhani home, or in the luxury housing Jakarta City Tourism.

Substance of all the events it does give a sense of discomfort, but our responses to all the above actions should also be different. The important thing is between the authorities and the people are always vigilant. Indeed, every action bear a positive side to the nation. People and apparatus became fused. Forces become more responsive, people become more literate on anything, and this must be maintained.

Indeed, when threats to security come along with it came also alertness, sensitivity, compassion, and unity between the people and officials. What we fear is that when the people and the apparatus has been equally alert, not long after that people reduce the level of discernment and rely on the apparatus. Unfortunately again, when the people have entrusted to the authorities, they actually lowered guard. The result was predictable, when the people and the authorities no longer compact (read: cautious) new threats will come again. When it came, we stayed to see if it is classified as terrorism or just vandalism.

Samson Pasaribu
President of student Institute of Cooperative Management Indonesia (Ikopin-Bandung)
General Chairman of PB Student Movement Sibolga – Indonesia (Germasi)


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