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Coup or Issues Management

NO no wind no rain, suddenly appeared coup general council issues. Not only the general council, the scent smells movement arose to take power through the Council of Islamic Revolution (DRI). Really a coup or a protest of the marginalized?

A number of generals who ever popular name in his time on the list of the general council that he wanted this coup. However, as usual they are also busy-busy join the movement denied the coup. Quarter with the generals, Secretary General of The Muslim Forum also denied Muhammad Al Khaththath DRI formed to overthrow the legitimate authority at this time.

Al Khaththath assess diusungnya DRI movement, only movement is when it saw no chance of a power vacuum. However, when this opportunity is not there.

If the two groups above are denied, then who’s playing behind the issue that the government coup. It’s rather odd. Evidence, DRI issue is already posted around a year ago. So why the issue surfaced again recently? So also with the general council, all denied.

Funny thing is again, all politics and security minister also denied reports that there is the overthrow of government. Now, like a flowing, the issue was also gradually swallowed by the earth sinking vessel.

When analyzed, at least roll-roll issues that society will increasingly distanced news about WikiLeaks which also denied preaching referred to as junk. People who feel sorry for ya, heard that makes their heart beat faster …


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