Kemenkeu Send 103 Staff to Review Taxes

Finance Minister Agustin Martowardojo disclose if it has already sent 103 employees within the tax agency for inspection at the Police Department this weekend.

This is a follow-up of Presidential Instruction No. 1 for mandated to coordinate the vice president in tax cases among the many who have investigated related apparatus.

“We’ve sent this week 103 staff of the tax agency. This is in relation to requested information,” said Agus told reporters, in the Office of the Vice President, Jakarta, Friday (03/25/2011).

In addition, Agus deliver when it had examined 151 tax payers (WP) ever involved or had contact with Gaius Tambunan, it does not mean WP 151 is guilty.

“It’s important to note, creating legal certainty for the parties that is being done study,” he said.

Thus the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) was coordinated under the vice president, where the Kemenkeu convey that in the existing taxation system the objections, which are all regulated in the Taxation Act.

“On the taxation law was clearly told that the employees who later related to work against, it is subject to taxation law. It can not be subject to criminal or civil liability section, especially in her work professionally and there is no conflict of interest,” he explained.

However, he continued, if there is conflict of interest would be carried out actions. Kemenkeu also ensure that the tax officials, especially those in the field of handling objections, so they can not be doubted.

“This has been coordinated well, we greatly appreciate the cooperation provided by fathers and mothers in law enforcement environment under the direct supervision of the father of vice president,” he concluded.


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