Do not inveigh Employees, key 10Cs!

Do not criticize employee contributions to the company. Because employees are an asset. For that, it should be judging again, whether the employee has been developed properly?

For a company, the involvement of employees (employee engagement) is needed in order to achieve the vision and mission of the company.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Institute for Management Development (IPMI) Business School Budi W Soetjipto explain, employee involvement is the attitude displayed by employees when they are interested, inspired, and committed and love what they do and the organizations where they do the job.

“The involvement of employees both emotionally and physically is very important for their work with full awareness to achieve the goals of the organization together,” said Budi in open discussions Employe Engagement for Competitive Advantage, at the Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/20/2010) .

Budi explains, Seitjs and Crim (2006) formulate ten creed (statement of trust / confidence) in the business world that the key to increasing the involvement of employees (employee engagement).

Tenth creed known as 10Cs, which consists of the connect, career, clarity, Convey, congratulate, Contribute, control, collaborate, credibility, and confidence.

Connect translated as a leader award given to the employees for the performance of their performance. The relationship between leaders and employees who are frail will affect the performance of employees to work optimally.

In career credo, the leader must be able to provide jobs that can challenge the ability of employees to increase career. While clarity is a leader’s ability to communicate his vision clearly. Leaders must also be able to explain the expectations they have to employees and provide feedback on each employee’s role within the organization where she works (Convey).

Congratulate is a moment when a leader gives credit for the achievements of its employees. Not only that, this phase also emphasized the importance of the ability of the leaders in training and convincing the employees that they are able to do its job.

Not only that, a good leader is he’s also capable of making its employees to see their contribution to organizational success (Contribute). Leaders must also be able to delegate the control function (control) to each employee in performing their jobs. Of course, by first directing them in their work.

A good leader is a team builder who can create an atmosphere of trust among members of his team (collaborate). He also must continue to strive to maintain organizational reputation and demonstrate high ethical standards (credibility).

Meanwhile, last credo is confidence. This credo is defined as the ability of corporate leaders to create confidence in the organization by being an example of the performance with good ethics.

Tenth credo is proven to have helped improve the morale of employees in achieving the vision of the organization. Head of HR Department Nokia Siemens Network Indonesia Irvandi Ferizal states, employee involvement has been proven in statistical associated with productivity, profibilitas, employee retention, security, and customer satisfaction.

“Even for industries like we did, there is a positive correlation seen between employee involvement in business processes and customer confidence and increase sales. Because in essence, the employee involved from the target set,” added Irvandi.

In line with Irvandi, Division Head of Corporate Human Capital Garuda Indonesian Food Andrew V Wenas judge, when an employee is committed to the job, then they will be excited in the job. “This spirit will then be reflected in its attitude in place to work and be seen in its interactions with customers,” said Andre.


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