Climate and Global Political Issues

Whoever started, studies of climate, which in previous decades actually deserted from the discussion in the years back into a very sexy topic for discussion. Almost all the talk about it. Ranging from academics to newspaper vendors.

This topic has also become very much talked about with enthusiasm by officials from the village head level to the level of heads of state in the world. There is a unique story of a professor of Physical Meteorology, Bogor Agricultural University when he attended the district’s election campaign in East Java. It was 3 of 5 candidates to bring the issue of global warming. The analysis they did, because armed with the knowledge potluck and for political purposes, finally analyzes the form of a slightly off the mark. One said the fuel should not be used anymore because it will increase the risk of cyclone-shaft. The second candidate to say that the houses should not use the window of the glass because it will cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. Meanwhile, the last candidate says for farmers to replace crops with Jatropha to be alternative energy.

Climate change issues in Indonesia is very ngetrend with rampant holding a conference on climate and global warming. The latest conference was held in Indonesia is the youth conference on climate change late last February. The unfortunate, the conferences are still seeing that climate change is only caused by matters related to carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Each conference has always been direct responsibility for these emissions to developed countries, for example the United States. However, these conferences seldom have the power to compel the United States and developed countries to reduce carbon gases that generally come from industry and motor vehicles they are obviously much larger than the emissions produced by developing countries. Rather than force them, even developed countries are forcing third world countries to reduce emissions and preserve forests with compensation as they choose later.

What is really surprising, the scientists involved agrees western action to force the third world countries. Yet it is clear that this is loaded with political interests. When developing countries are prohibited from increasing emissions and maintain their land is forested, it is realized or not they have changed the climate change issues into issues of energy and land resources. West has hindered or prevented the development of industries of developing countries under the pretext of preventing climate change. Inhibition is what will make these countries, including Indonesia, suffering from dependence on imported goods output advanced countries. Clearly, both economically and politically, this issue is detrimental. In Indonesia alone, carbon trade that compensates for Indonesia’s forest area causing some areas recorded as forests (although already bald) must be maintained as forest and should not be used for anything else, including agriculture. This was conveyed by former agriculture minister of Indonesia 2004-2009, Anton Apriyantono in an agricultural study that was held at the Faculty of Agriculture Bogor early months ago.

Scientifically speaking, global warming is not simply the result of human activities. Research shows that the earth temperature rise of 0.76 degrees Celsius over the last century shows that global warming is normal and natural is a cycle. Because if we rely only on global climate change carbon emissions and greenhouse gas theory, should increase significantly more than 0.76 degrees Celsius after the industrial revolution. At 125 thousand years ago, our earth 3 to 5 degrees higher temperature than today. Global warming and global cooling is a natural cycle that does not suddenly happen. Indeed, greenhouse gas emissions contribute to, but once again this is not the sole factor in climate change.

The hope in this world meteorological day momentum, we are increasingly concerned with the scientific sides of climate change. As long as we as a third world country manipulated by developed countries to perpetuate their interests, to understand and care about the scientific side of climate change, we would be wise to interpret every policy in the west. So for the next time we’re not easily fooled by the lure of compensation when our energy policy and land driven by developed countries.

Good day Se-world meteorological …

Muh. Dimas Arifin
Applied Meteorology Student IPB
Chief Commissioner of Social Science Faculty of Political and advocacy DPM IPB


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