Claims Gunungkidul most obedient Pay Taxes in Indonesia

Although the area minus Gunungkidul have the highest compliance rates in Indonesia in tax payments.

Based on data from the Tax Office (KPP) Wonosari, in 2010 the number of registered taxpayers in the district of Gunung reached 19 374 (private taxpayers and the agency / organization), which delivered returns of 19 354 or approximately 99.9 percent.

“Residents of Gunungkidul more submissive than other big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, etc.. So assessments of compliance is done by the tax directorate general headquarters,” said Heru Narwanto Head STO Wonosari told reporters on Tuesday (08/03/2011 )

Heru added, the current owner’s tax ID number of people reached 25 thousand residents of Gunungkidul. Therefore it was conducting a new taxpayer. The sweep every year to reach an additional new tax payers approximately 5000 residents. “If in 2008 only 16 thousand tax payers, but 2010 end has reached 26 thousand,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Tax Examiner STO Wonosari, Budi Santoso said the tax payment in Gunungkidul also have exceeded the target. In 2010, payments had a surplus of 107 percent, with an initial target of Rp80 billion, but the result of tax payments reach Rp84 billion.

“The hope with this increase, can affect gelontoran improvement funds from the center, so that people can enjoy Gunungkidul of these results,” he concluded.


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