Simplify Masters Degree Can Work?

Master’s degree to help some people gain employment. But, that does not mean post-graduate degree so golden ticket when looking for work.

In England for example, not all graduate degree holders have good fortune. Even so, the Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education), the local record, high unemployment does not deter scholars studying intention back in hopes they can reach job easier.

Data Higher Education Careers Service Unit (Hecsu) in the UK show, about 353,500 people enrolled in the graduate program in academic year 2009/2010. Master’s students recorded an increase of 7.4 percent and the number of doctoral students increased by one percent.

Currently, the main focus of scholars who have studied advanced is the ease of getting a job. Employers do like the holder of a master’s degree, but only if the master is able to demonstrate their abilities.

Chief Executive of The Association of Graduate recruiters in the UK, Carl Gilleard said, “If a postgraduate qualification is taken with good reason, and its graduates are able to explain their advantages to potential providers it works, then a master’s degree may be more value in one’s curriculum vitae.” It is quoted from the website of The Guardian, Monday (07/03/2011).

Career consultant at City University London Laura Hooke explained, if we seriously want to invest our time and money in graduate studies, make sure that we take this decision based on a variety of supporting information. “If you’re motivated by love for their studies and interest in the field of study will you take, that’s good. But, there is no guarantee if you take further study as a step to get a job, “said Laura reminded.

A person should choose a postgraduate course of study at college to hold on to their career goals, whether becoming an academic or work in one particular industry sector. You should choose the most specific program with that goal. Also, select courses that have been experienced.

Senior lecturer at Bangor University, James Intriligator, recommend, you should be committed to working hard on postgraduate study whatever you choose. According Intriligator, at least 70 percent of a person graduate studies directly related to how big business. Therefore, one must be ready to accomplish everything on one’s own, for example by creating study groups, reading various literature, and is committed to such a study that has been chosen.

“If you’re not ready with the responsibility for learning on your shoulder, and not interested in the topic you choose, do not waste your time and money,” he asserted.


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