Two Glasses Muscle Milk for Health

DO NOT ever forget the milk in your daily intake. That’s if you want to keep the body healthy and maintained muscle strength.

Consume two glasses of milk a day on a regular basis after doing weight-bearing exercise will help your muscles and erode the solidity of fat in women, reports a new study.

“The exercise lifting weights is not an option popular sport for women,” says Stu Phillips, Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University. In fact, the health benefits of this exercise is very large. In addition to improving bone strength and health of muscles, this exercise also helps smooth the body’s metabolism, as written the Times of India.

A study conducted by Phillips Laboratory showed that milk can improve muscle strength and erode the fat in men. In the new study did, Philips wanted to challenge the women to perform exercises that are often dijauhinya and avoid consuming milk because strong-rooted perception that these drinks are fattening.

“The benefits of drinking milk is a larger muscle and fat is in it is lost eroded,” said Philips. “Actually we are still not sure of the cause. Therefore we are investigating that right now the combination of calcium, high-quality protein and vitamin D is needed. And all these nutrients contained in milk.

Over a period of 12 weeks, this study monitors the young women who do not perform physical exercise lifting weights. Every day, two hours before exercise, the women are asked to not eat or drink anything except water. After they perform regular exercise, one group of which consume 500 ml of milk fat-free white and the other group consuming energy drinks that contain sugar. Also consumed the same drink every hour by one of the other groups after exercise.

In conducting the exercise, these women through three types of exercise that is pushing the load across his chest, pull the load in a state of sitting and leg exercises. Every day, their activities are monitored by a personal trainer to ensure proper technique.

“The women who drank milk almost did not get to weight gain because of what they were getting balanced with exercise to scrape the fat,” says Phillips.

“Based on these studies, our data show that simple things such as weight lifting exercise and consume two glasses of milk later found to substantially improve body composition,” he concluded.


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