Unite Against Terrorism

At the recently created public panic in the presence of terrorist bombings that hit some areas in the country. Originally terror bomb sent to a number of prominent books that are considered contrary to the terrorists. As Ulil Abshar Abdalla (JIL activist), Gorries Mere (Kalakhar BNN and once led Team Police Headquarters Detachment 88), and Yapto Soerjosoemarno (Ketum Pemuda Pancasila. The threat of a bomb package was also sent home some other figures.

Terror bomb sent to a number of these figures would rise to various speculations in the community. Some suspect this as an effort to divert the issue alone. Some suspect this as an effort to contest the flock against certain parties. There is also convinced that this is all purely an act of the terrorists incumbents.

Despite the growing speculation over the years, however, the bomb was very disturbing society. Maybe this time the perpetrators are delighted laugh at the Government and its officials are once again “almost missed”. Also laugh at the people who continue haunted by fear and panic that acute. Because the terror bomb package which they have embarked recently proven to create anxiety and distrust in public life.

As the impact of society now become paranoid and negative thinking. When the paranoia and panic struck a society incapable of thinking logically. Suspicions are growing fears could also trigger national disintegration. In the end, this nation would be easy pitted the flock by particular interests. For that we recommend people should remain calm while to think with common sense logic. Vigilance is also very necessary emphasis, but should remain proportional.

Considering all that the sense of security and tranquility in the society urged to immediately restored. Police officers must be able to complete calibaration who masterminds and perpetrators behind all that. And urged the public to always be alert, be calm and think logically. The media also needs to play an active role in delivering news that is proportional and not exaggerated. Now saatnyalah all components participate took part in efforts to combat terrorism in the homeland. Let us united resolve to fight together against terrorism from now on!

Cipto Ward
Student Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Education
Yogyakarta State University


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