7 Ways Difficult Child Overcome Eating

CHILD hard to eat into its own complications for many parents. Various ways aligned to be fixed diasup nutrients from food and children can grow up healthy.

To you who are coping with eating difficulties your child, consider the following seven:

Take the time to feed children

For those of you who work, take a little while, but qualified for feeding the child. Because, in fact the children are very understanding when a mother or father to work.

Create a calm and comfortable mood advance

Give psychological satisfaction to the child according to his age and make for happy mood, for example, children eat while walking, saw the train, and others.

Vary the diet of children

Children may not eat out of boredom. If necessary, create a minimal diet of children during the week for ease of set variations to eat.

Serve in an interesting

Do not mix up the food. Separate rice with side dishes-pauknya. Garnish with different colors and shapes. If necessary, print the food with a cute cookie cutters.

Do not give snacks ahead of calorie-dense meals

It resulted in the child does not feel hungry. Like giving candy, soft drinks, chocolate, until the snack had MSG. As a result, when the hour meal arrived, the child already stuffed.

Avoid drinking too much milk

Milk in many families considered the god of food that can substitute for a main dish, like rice, vegetables, and side-pauknya. Parents tend to lack patience to give coarse meal. Or parents often fear their children starve so that the food is replaced with milk. Finally, rather than the child’s stomach is not possessed of food, only milk is given to excess.

Libatkanlah children to prepare meals

For example, by asking his help to pick fruit or vegetables at the supermarket and help prepare the dinner table. In addition, your child needs the example of his parents.


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