22 Thousand Unemployment schooled Then Hired

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to send 22,000 unemployed university graduates to study and intern in several major cities in China. And maximum flexibility, the Xinjiang regional government promised a job upon his return from the study.

According to the Xinjiang Communist Party chief Zhang Chunxian graduates will study and internships at several universities and companies in most developed areas in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. After studying and internships for one to two years, they will be working in government agencies and local owned enterprises (enterprises), Xinjiang.

This year, as many as 12,000 people will attend. Most of them graduated in 2002 until 2007. After graduation, they will be working in government agencies.

Meanwhile, another 10,000 people, who graduated in 2007-2009, began to undergo training next year. After graduation, they will work as teachers or employees for local enterprises. As quoted by Xinhua on Friday (25/03/2011).

One of the trainees, Ureri Sacrifice (28) stationed in Shenzhen, southern China, near Hong Kong. Sacrifice pleaded not wait to set foot in the harbor and a football stadium. Because the two places he has never visited before. “This may be the beginning of a happier life,” he said.

After graduating from Normal College in Xinjiang Kashgar in 2007, Sacrifice worked as a cashier at a small shop, carrying goods in supermarkets, selling used cars, and before joining this program, a taxi driver. He is acquiring about 700 yuan (Rp929 thousand) per month.

Sacrifice does not believe it when signing contracts with a veterinarian clinic in Shenzhen, a few months after registering. Before graduating, the Sacrifice must undergo a series of tests and interviews. It is estimated that, he will get paid around 2,000 yuan (Rp2.6 million) every month after returning from Shenzhen.

Together with 31 other participants, among them 28 people of ethnic Uygur, an ethnic Kazakh and two ethnic Han, Sacrifice will learn in Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College. Several other graduates will study at university East China Normal University in Shanghai and Capital Normal University in Beijing.

This training is not allowed to charge. The city government spent goal of 450 million yuan (Rp597 billion more) for this program while Xinjiang expenditure amounting to 400 million yuan (Rp531 million).

The project includes most of the unemployed in Xinjiang students who graduated in 2002 and 2009. This area has 60,000 college graduates who are unemployed. Send participants to study and intern in the city is expected to develop talent advanced trainees to Xinjiang.

Trainees are free to choose a destination to study and internships. They are also allowed to return to Xinjiang or to work in other areas after they finish training. The Government will assist wherever their destination.


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