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Taming the ‘Mad Dog’ from the Middle East

LIBYA French troops under fire, Britain and America, who are members of the Western coalition forces. Peak genderan “war” was bertabuh since March 19, 2011. Like playing cowboys, country coalition which was aimed Moammar Gaddafi, who is suspected membobardir.

The heat of the Libyan political temperature is already in the spotlight of the world, following a shouting opposition to the regime of Gaddafi reform. But the effort to uproot entrenched leader who has since 1969 had, until now still has not produced results. The loyalisnya too difficult to disarm.

Moreover, U.S. and Libyan relations are poor. Initially the United States did support the independence of Libya and the subsequent increase in relation to the level of embassies.

United States-Libya Relations halted when Moammar Gaddafi led Al Fatah Revolution to get rid of King Idris in 1969. After the ruling, which has held the rank of colonel Gaddafi launched a cultural revolution that contain the core removal of all ideologies and the influence of foreign smells, such as capitalism and communism.

As told to Wikipedia, since then relations between the two countries worsened and reached its lowest point. Mass anti-US demonstration held a pro-Iran in December 1979. Mass burn the U.S. embassy building in Tripoli to be the end of the demonstration. Gaddafi also had dubbed In “mad dog of the Middle East” by Ronald Reagan.

Now, look at the accumulation of a wave of rebellion against Khadafi, Americans do not stay silent. Western Coalition, which guarded the U.S. took steps to control airspace Libya through Dawn Odyssey operations. They also aim to stop the aggression of military forces loyal to Gaddafi to flee from Benghazi and other places occupied by loyalists. The excuse used is humanity. But is it true?

In fact, none of the goals have been achieved as of now. Victims are paralyzed open Gaddafi. Instead of innocent civilians. In fact, it is said one foreign media artifacts child victims. Nahas …

Funny thing is again, the action was authorized by UN Security Council. The feared situation is precisely the number of casualties is much higher than before Western intervention. If proven true, the humanitarian mission into a humanitarian catastrophe.

The attitude of the Western coalition to Libya is not the first. History proves, the West always interfering domestic affairs of other countries with violence. Call it the Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iraq, all the countries of former “colonies”.

Unfortunately, the bloody experiment never really worked. Action bloodbath, leaving only sorrow. The mission is actually only the first step to overthrow the political power of other countries.

Similar conditions conducted in Libya. The mode has also been terendus. What is happening is the condition is sparking nationalist Libya.

When peswat destroy the area near an elementary school in Saraj, a suburb south of the capital of Libya, Tripoli. Residents who took shelter instead turned toward Gaddafi, as state officials.

Next we’ll see, if the West could tame the mad dog of the Middle East?

What is clear, if you have this, once again civilians bancakan only be political. Map who defended and who defend have become blurred.
by Rani Hardjanti


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