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Those who are “Friendly” with the Radiation

Early in the morning Iwan already had arrived at his workplace. It’s known, the distance between home and work far enough to make him have to get up to catch the train from the direction towards the station Cikini Depok.

Married man with four children this morning was busy with his duties as a radiographer in one government-owned hospitals. Work as a radiographer has digelutinya for 26 years.

Despite knowing the dangers of the job which he lived, Ridwan remain diligent. In fact, without any sense of worry he says, if something bad happens to him it all is a risk that should she received from her job.

As a radiographer, Iwan was almost daily contact with the tools that emit radiation like X-rays, the plane x-ray and CT (computed axial tomography) scan. One task is to implement measures radiation radiographer in accordance with written instructions from a medical specialist consultant Radiation Oncology Radiology including setting tool, the position of each patient.

What middle-aged men who lived it is no little evidence among the people who must work under the threat of radiation risks every day. Besides radiographer, other health workers such as doctors and nurses in hospitals who have radiotherapy facilities equally risky. The reason, they are routinely intersect and around medical devices that emit radiation.

Hearing the threat of radiation associated with the event of a nuclear reactor by an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, responded with the usual Irwan. Moreover, the threat of radiation have become part of his life. Although equally there is a risk of radiation, what is happening in Japan, he said looks far different from his job as a radiographer.

“If the plane x-rays shine when we shot. If the radiation that occurs in a nuclear reactor is constantly radiating, so it can contaminate the environment,” she cried.

Iwan also said he did not worry. He felt confident that the profession is dilakoninya have got protection.

“That’s the risk of job. Yes, we monitored using personal monitoring. Each month, the dose of radiation we receive is read by authorities and then informed us,” said Iwan.

Despite being inexperienced, Iwan admitted still working according to existing norms of radiation protection. Usually in work Iwan use two safety devices are already available in the room.

The first tool is a board-shaped shield which is believed to effectively resist radiation and radiation protection clothing (apron). Both protection tool that contains a chemical element, metal which has a thickness of 0.35 mm lead equivalent.

Small risk
A worker who usually come into contact with radiation, according to Inspector of Nuclear Safety Nuclear Power Supervisory Agency (Bapeten) Togap Marpaung, less likely exposed to serious health impacts.

The reason, health workers such as radiographer has equipped the protective equipment and work space had been designed in such a way in accordance with the applicable safety standards.

“From research in Indonesia, there are no clues that way. So my friends who work in radiology frugal we do not yet exist that lead to it,” said Togap.

Not only that, to maintain the safety of radiological workers, under the rules of Bapaten about worker health monitoring radiation, any radiation worker must be checked at least once a year and could also be more if deemed necessary.

A worker is said to safe radiation dose limits if they receive no more than 20 miliseivert (mSv) per year.

“As for the radiographer, in fact, they only receive radiation exposure 0.1 miliseivert per month so that radiation workers should not worry about the effects of radiation,” he added.

Togap asserted, there is the possibility of cancer of workers exposed to radiation, but radiation is not the primary cause. According to him, many other factors outside the radiation that causes a person affected by cancer.


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