Facing Nervous leaked Wikileaks

When the late 2010’s, the leaked news from Wikileaks which states that the concerns of middle eastern countries over Iran’s nuclear program. Concerns that’s what makes King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia repeatedly asked the United States to ‘cut the snake’s head’.

Cut the snake’s head is the King Abdullah is to attack Iran’s nuclear program. In a leaked confidential document, the desire to cut the snake’s King Abdullah not only expressed but also the leader of Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and several other middle eastern countries.

The existence of a leak that did not make, Ahmadinejad nervous, crying, or saying a curse. Himself to remain calm and said Washington accidentally ‘release’ this information, which is claimed as sensitive data. Ahmadinejad directly menyergah, let me correct, the material was not leaking, but rather an organized removed.

Data were true leak or leaked, right or engineering, which is obviously the data that shows tensions among Middle East countries. With the data that shows as if Iran excluded from the association Middle East countries. No wonder that President Ahmadinejad says Iran does not believe that the barrage of information published WikiLeaks and a number of Western media about the U.S. government’s secret data is a ‘leak’.

When we borrow what Ahmadinejad said about the Wikileaks data leakage can be said the United States make war intelligence. In war intelligence suggested Iran was not only an enemy of the United States but also an enemy of the middle eastern countries. That information indicates a systematic effort the United States to invite the leaders of middle eastern countries to work together against Iran, because of middle east countries, Iran was the one who did not want to keep the interests of the United States in the region.

When Ahmadinejad faces tough leaked Wikileaks, the Indonesian government was so nervous to face a variety of news leaks Wikielaks published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. Leak was not just picking on President SBY, but also memojokan MPRRI Taufiq Kiemas Chairman and former Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

Even the leaked Wikileaks who called First Lady Ani Yudhoyono also uses his power to enrich themselves. In fact, the first lady called the broker and doing business with a number of Indonesian businessmen. The news, made Ani Yudhoyono shocked and could not hold back tears and crying.

When the leaked Wikileaks case, Iran is not a loud protest against pembocor, because Ahmadinejad knows that leaks is a foreign party’s efforts to destabilize the situation, so he does not need a serious response from the news leak.

Others with the Indonesian government, so the news that memojokan people number one, immediately expressed strong protest to the Government of the United States. Marty Natalegawa Foreign Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta, has requested the presence of U.S. Ambassador to not only deliver a strong protest but through Mr. Ambassador asked for an explanation and clarification of the U.S. government about the report in question.

How are we supposed to menyikap of leaked Wikileaks-leaked that way? First, we do not have to be too reactive with such news. Such news is already often we hear, though difficult to prove, for example in The Age newspaper called Jusuf Kalla to pay large bribes to win the leadership of Golkar during the party congress in December 2004.

News bribery problems in moments like the Congress, National Conference, conferences or similar activities are already regular news emerged and become an issue when the event was held. Not only on a single candidate, but to all candidates who wish to become chairman. So what is preached Wikileaks was not something new. In the national newspapers and regional issues of bribery in elections was the general chairman has often appeared in the headlines.

Second, by leaking the news became a positive impact on society. With the leaking of the news was actually prevent foul deeds he would do or being planned. For example, when the desire to attack Iran is leaking, then the intention was to be canceled. Imagine if the news is not leaked, probably will happen Gulf War III.

Similarly, the positive side of the news The Age will make the parties feel will do better corner, that is not going to abuse their power, not corruption, not a broker, do not bribe, and not related to black conglomerate.

Third, the leaked Wikileaks-leaked widely mentioned come from the embassies of foreign countries especially the U.S. Embassy. Well, how do we anticipate for conversations and the movements of the officials were not monitored or recorded by foreign intelligence. If it’s foreign intelligence steal come-come important and confidential so the Indonesian government must dare to expel intelligence. United States who like to steal confidential data and spy on the entire country was also expelled 10 Russian spies, one of which a beautiful woman Anne Chapman.

Even countries like China, Jordan, Iran, North Korea, dared to condemn hanging foreign spies who were captured. The death penalty was made because the data that was stolen is very dangerous when positioned on the foreign party, because it would interfere with the sovereignty of the nation.

Ardi Winangun
Observers Problems of International Relations
and Administrator of the National Presidium Masika ICMI


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