Mystery Package Book Bomb

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily news two Australian, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, about the possibility of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is abused of power (abuse of power), one at a package bomb sent by a group not known to a few individuals who are known to the public.

The first package was sent to the Office of Radio KBR 68H addressed to Ulil Abshar Abdala, activists of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL), which is now a member of the Democratic Party, contains the book They Must Murdered, with a letter asking to write the foreword to the book. Subsequent packets addressed to various parties, there is the musician Ahmad Dhani, to Komjen Pol Gorries Mere, the Pemuda Pancasila leader Yapto S, the former police chief of West Java, some are sent to residential Cibubur Tourist City, and one police station in Bandung.

In response to the bombings of the book, President SBY said “ask for specific groups who want to create instability should not sacrifice the people” (Seputar Indonesia, Saturday, March 19, 2011). Until now the terror bomb package this book is still a mystery, who was responsible and what the motives behind their actions? Because these events are very close to a variety of events such as the splashy news previous two Australian daily, the exercise of “Operation Sajadah” which includes soldiers Kodam Siliwangi. Likewise, law enforcement cases that have not completed the Century Bank and mafia-related taxation (Gaius Tambunan), public and link it with conspiracy theories. There are at least five political conspiracy.

The first conspiracy, terror bomb package that book done by the old players, namely the Islamic radical group. The power they could have been weakened by two prominent Malaysian bomb expert, Dr Azahari and Noordin M. Top, are dead, the mastermind of Bali bombers I and II as well as the Marriott bombing I and II also has some sentenced to death or still in prison, the network international finance is also increasingly complicated, and his expertise in assembling the bombs also fell because some experts had been killed. However, if viewed modus operandi and targets, most likely perpetrators of terror bomb package lively book last week it was not this group.

The second conspiracy, which many dipergunjingkan partly public in Jakarta, was part of a political diversion for people to switch the topic of his talk about the abused of power by President Yudhoyono to question terror bomb. If this is true, though the government was “sowing the wind and will reap the storm” a far greater legitimacy associated SBY’s administration. Political legitimacy of the President from time to time as may be seen from the various survey results it is not impossible that the decline will reach the nadir point will be proven correct if there is a conspiracy of political application of the transfer through the terror bombing.

The third conspiracy, this is part of a conspiracy that was weakening the regime in power. Allegedly there are groups who have expertise in the field of terrorism that is trying to weaken the regime in power to achieve political objectives mereka.Teror bomb not only create political instability, fear in the community, but also undermine the credibility of the regime in the eyes of the people and the international community. Conspiracy fourth, this was done by groups who want to make political pressure to the government on the pretext of the regime can “we” lemahkan if demand “we” rejected. If this is true, still remains a mystery what prompted these groups to the government of SBY’s.

Is this politically motivated or was the concession of office, authority, or economic. Conspiracy fifth, the consistency group continue to disrupt the status quo to the reform and democratization in Indonesia. It was not clear who the members of this group and for what purpose. Do they want to roll back the clock of democracy into an authoritarian system, or whether it merely wanted to show that democracy has failed to fulfill their aspirations and the aspirations of the people.

Remove from the fifth where the conspiracy theory is right, designers and perpetrators of the bomb was certainly never learned about the intelligence, terrorism, terror town, or the anti-terror movement. They also must know how amburadulnya security system in this country, including, but not limited to, how the President does not dare to take appropriate strategic action, and is still lack of good coordination between the Police and military officials as well as coordination among the intelligence network in our country . Intelligence officers from various agencies in this country is not impossible that already know who the masterminds and perpetrators of terror bomb package this book. Ranks of the Office of Coordinating Ministry for empowerment must also already have the information and preliminary data are accurate about who was responsible.

The sophistication of the apparatus to conduct phone tapping and analyzing the modus operandi of course also made clear who the perpetrators are and what his motives. The problem is, until now the President just “ask” for terrorist groups that “do not sacrifice the people” and not taking decisive action to stop these acts of terror and if necessary take appropriate legal action. In the circumstances force, there is no way other than the President taking action that categorized unnecessary evil (actions appropriate and on target), which was not popular, but must be taken for the sake of upholding state sovereignty, governmental authority, and maintaining government authority.

If such action must be done without causing information that denigrate the image of Indonesia in the eyes of the international, state officials would have the best way to do so, provided that the bomb was actually can be stopped. If this bomb terror continues, not only governmental authority that are on the fence, but Indonesia will also be a bad name in international eyes as a country that is weak because it does not dare to take firm action against perpetrators of terror, the people will continue to be covered by a widespread fear, travel warning will also be applied again by some foreign countries, business people are also afraid to invest in Indonesia, and other bad image that will discredit the country and the government of Indonesia.

The President certainly does not want a package bomb terror of this book is also placed in the courtyard of his private residence in Cikeas, Bogor. If that happens, would be put where the front of the President and the Indonesian security forces?

Field Research Professor Intermestic Affairs LIPI


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