Greet Hurricane PKS

Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) was officially established on April 20, 2002. Since changing the name of the Justice Party, PKS has a mass of quite a lot, especially in Jakarta. Their constituents from among young people.

In his journey, MCC is considered to be one party that looked solid both at the top or bottom. None of the internal problems of sticking out and threaten the cohesion of political parties is based on Islam.

Under current intimate relationship and on the MCC began disturbed. Former MCC cadres Joseph Supendi melesakan series of fact he had. The figure who founded the MCC MCC claims that some officials do not polygamy illegal. Then one of the elite MCC, Anis Matta called Joseph embezzling Rp 10 billion from the former deputy chief Adang Daradjatun in 2007.

At that time, Adang deliver 40 billion dowry in order to appear on the Election of DKI Jakarta. Joseph submitted his report to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), although some parties considered the report of the address.

Thread that can be learned is that the MCC was greeted by a storm. A major problem that dicuatkan own former cadres. Implicitly, what is presented Joseph is not playing for the MCC. If the allegations are true and MCC do not have “anti-missile weapons” is not impossible that the MCC would be left beneath the flow.

This condition must be taken seriously by the MCC. MCC officials have to think of a precaution against accusations that Joseph posted. If only slander, do not hesitate MCC filed a lawsuit against Joseph. The problem would be different if all statements are true Joseph.

In this situation, the elite of the MCC should be more thinking, thinking about some political steps to be able to make Joseph stop sing. In addition to the law, MCC can be personalized approach to Joseph. Understandably, the discourse is not good that has become wild in the public sphere. If allowed to go on, its impact is very big for the MCC.

Indeed most people already know that internal conflicts involving elders and youth leaders MCC. Elements heartache seems more involved in this conflict. The question is, why the elders of brave young people face a relatively more solid? Are there any actors who set the onslaught after onslaught addressed to MCC this?

Joseph’s initial motive is to maintain the interest and the cleanliness of the MCC. The reason for this MCC claim the cleanest party organization, although the ordinary people of no party is purely based on religious teachings. In the body of every party there must be elements of interest, both personal and organizational management.

Certainly the middle of alite MCC faced very complicated issue. The problem that threatens the integrity at the elite level and flow underneath. When reviewed positively, Joseph brunt very beneficial for the MCC. In the future, MCC can be careful and respond faster andaika no cadres or former cadres who launched a powerful attack. MCC could dampen the internal conflict to not become public consumption.

Consciously or unconsciously, people already terdoktrin MCC is a party to claim the net. Once the elite MCC proved to have violated, the paradigm of the community will turn around completely. This phenomenon immediately addressed MCC. Do not let what Joseph claimed to be true. How can make a personal approach or approaches the law.

Just how MCC assess the pros and cons both approaches. Special legal approach, elite units that have become the center of the attack must show proof that can break the claim of Joseph. Do not let them even actually convicted of any wrongdoing.


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