Ulil, Terror and the Threat of Democracy

After a few key figures arrested and died of terror, Indonesia back safe and quite effective running of government. Police get such a huge appreciation from the public being able to clean up the group that makes trouble in this country without responsibility even though they argue in the name of jihad.

Lapse of time long enough, unexpectedly terror came back the day Tuesday, March 15, 2011 with a more neatly packaged and this time attacked the Utan Kayu complex known as the headquarters of Liberal Islam Network (JIL) and the target is a Ulil Abshar Abdalla, JIL leader and now a political activist in the Democratic Party. Ulil himself survived but three of the police officers and one security guard at the complex was exposed to injury while trying to defuse the bomb and then rushed to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. In addition to Ulil, bombs were also sent to the Head of BNN Komjen Gories Mere, Chairman of the Pemuda Pancasila (PP) Japto S Soerjosoemarno and musician Ahmad Dhani, a bomb believed to still spread around us.

Up to this moment not yet known motive for the bomb shipments Ulil including others, special for at least two predictions Ulil motive behind this bomb delivery. First, Politics. Political history that was cruel, who threatened he must immediately be secured, not only opponents but his own could be excluded, persecuted and even killed. Perpetuating political interests, which had been his opponent could be and vice versa. In Machiavelli’s theory, in political action, human justifies any means to achieve the goal (the end justifies the means). Lately, Ulil as a politician quite vocal in the issue of change of cabinet members (reshufle), there may be people or the elite who do not like the political steps Ulil so Ulil should be abolished as it happened to Tan Malaka, Munir and others. Second, Ulil activity as a liberal Muslim thinker. Ulil is one person who was leading digarda defend minorities and very vocal in pluralism and religious freedom.

In spite of it all, terror in the form and for whatever reason can not be justified. Indonesia is not a terror state but a democratic state that upholds the values ​​of the law. Therefore, the police should fully investigate these cases or more severe events will follow this ravaged country. Terror is a serious threat to the future of democracy.

During these acts of terror that struck this country is always something to do with a group of people in the name of jihad (the radicals), if the case of a book bomb was also indicated by the same person, the government must not only be firm but also must provide a new formulation in respond because it This is likely to persist. Pun justly punished for the perpetrators of terror can not be a deterrent effect and guarantees the cessation of terrorist activity.

The formula in question is changing the paradigm. Acts of terrorism still occur due to his uniform yet our understanding of the philosophy of the state. The founders of this republic have agreed that Indonesia is a state philosophy Pancasila. Pancasila is the effort and hard work of history, he represents the values ​​that can accommodate all the interests of the Indonesian people are very diverse both in religion and culture. The nation is already too long preoccupied with ideological conflict so drained of energy and our minds to think of it, rather than ideology is not important but whether we will continue to be preoccupied with issues that really should have finished.

According Dawam Rahardjo, the idea of ​​unity is very strong in the Pancasila, recognizing the reality of the plurality of Indonesian society. Pancasila which is a synthesis of universal ideas (great ideas) is basically an ideology of political and cultural pluralism. It is drawn from the words “Unity in Diversity”, a wide range but is one unit, namely Indonesia.

No uniform our understanding of the philosophy of the state led the nation mired in the abyss of darkness, as though we are not optimistic and ready to accept that we are different in many ways but united we can save and advance the republic. Our understanding is shallow causes us to apply arbitrary, crashing into the constitution and even harm innocent people.

Citing Goenawan, we need Pancasila because we seemed to have lost the language to fend off 100 years of violence implicit in an arbitrary manner that also pretentious. The attitude of those who feel represent the voice of God and the voice of Islam, though not clear where and how the ‘mandate’ that comes into their hands, their attitudes are burned by ‘egoism-religion’ and deny the ideals of Indonesia’s most important, for every nation Indonesia ‘godless Lord himself’ to religion is not imposed, and its adherents do not hide in hypocrisy.

If the government can not be assertive and to change that paradigm, could be a bombing in the country will become something that is commonplace as well as the phenomenon of earthquakes in the country sakura.

Ali Rashid
Head of the Political Bureau of Bandung Intellectual Circle (BIC)


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