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Wacky Packages bomb

INDONESIA known nation that could give comfort to foreign nationals. Good manners and friendly attitude of the Indonesian nation has known in this hemisphere. But the fact it does not apply to our own people. They continue to be haunted by a sense of fear.

The rise of a series of terror bombings since 2000 to reason. In anticipation of government by forming Detachment 88 Antiteror which is under the police had not yet produced results. Plus many people who assess intelligence in this country lackluster.

So far, all parties should be responsible for the rise of terror bomb apparently hands-off. So is the actor who was mercilessly create unrest in society. That mental tempe become the brain behind this series of bombs.

In fact, the brain of terror succeeded in creating unrest in Jakarta and other cities. Tragically law enforcement officers in this country admitted difficulty tracking a series of terror bombings. In contrast to the handling of the Bali bombings, bomb the Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott and Australian Embassy.

This difference gave birth to a line of discourse motive behind the bomb. The transfer of government issues, the action of the anti-government groups and the mode to take advantage of foreigners. Understandably the intended target of the terrorists is not as usual. Terrorists always blow a lot of locations that foreign nationals.

This time is different modus. Packages containing explosives sent to individuals such as JIL leaders, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, musician Ahmad Dhani, Chief Executive (Kalakhar) BNN Komjen Pol Gories Mere, and Chairman of the Pemuda Pancasila Yapto Suryosumarno. Everything is a son of Indonesia, not foreigners.

Consider just what the Amir Jamaat Tawhid Ansharut Abu Bakar Ba’asyir Jat. People who claimed to law enforcement as it assess terrorist Detachment 88 as the mastermind behind a series of terror bombings books. The goal just wanted to show that the terrorist threat is still there and destabilize the country.

Detachment 88 terrorists to deliberately maintain a number of terror in the community. Terrorists are maintained, as long as terrorists are still there of course aid money will continue flowing. That version or assessment Ba’asyir.

Terror bomb also could have done a few parties that pro with President Susilo Bambang Yudhono (SBY)-Boediono. This action was deliberately created so much attention turned to terror bombing, not a series of major problems that disukan by the government. In short, the transfer issue.

Then a group of people who do not like politics or policy-related SBY strategic policy. After feeling harassed SBY, a group of anti-SBY is doing a series of terror. The target would make the public no longer percara with the government, in this case SBY. Because the series of terrorist acts carried out quite nicely with the new mode.

To create unrest, the terrorists have succeeded. Today, people like experiencing acute fear when receiving a parcel. As happened in several areas in Jakarta. Parcel which exploded Gegana troops did not contain explosive elements.

For the time being, not an important issue to talk about who the mastermind, what motive and various other statements. In essence, law enforcement officials must work to stop action toror maximum. How do I, of course law enforcement is smarter than the terrorists. End immediately slapstick that made this country the more funny. Funny because such acts of terror were also serialized soap opera, with no power to stop it.

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