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Terror terrorize

After the shooting to a transvestite in Taman Lawang, the Capital again shocked by the events of terror. A book package containing a bomb was sent to the office of the Community of Utan Kayu, BNN, and fronted house Pemuda Pancasila, Japto Soelistyo Soerjosoemarno. Terror was more terrorizing.

I do not know what caused the perpetrators of terror the more wild and now not only targeting the people it regarded as imperialist west. Already bergeserkah target the perpetrators of terror. Or, this caused a new group that was disappointed with the government? Both might be true. But, what and who did this terror should be an evaluation for the law enforcement and government.

If the perpetrator used to conduct terror groups, then the perpetrators of terror is increasingly daring to do the operation because they are considered to be “asleep” with the arrest of leaders and leadership groups. The situation is “quiet” was in fact always be a momentum for the groups to close ranks and pushed back in the middle of silence.

A little confusing, the target was used as the operation has now shifted. So what if that conduct acts of terror is the one who was disappointed with the government? If that’s the case, then the state can be said in alarm.

Omission or perhaps more precisely indecision SBY’s government to take action against the perpetrators of anarchy and fruit growing wild originators perpetrators of terror. So there is a person who actually take advantage of the moment.

Add more, police who complete unfinished actor behind the bombing perpetrators so far. Complete.

Once again, now just waiting for the presidential decisiveness in taking actions against terror as a whole and not by halves. For, without any comprehensive action, then people are only waiting for when and where the bomb will explode.


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