State Sakura Only Wilt

TERRIBLE, that’s the phrase that could describe the situation of an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude which stamped Japan.

Then up to 10 meter-high tsunami swept the coast of northern Japan to come. Instantly all devastated. Not been completed, cooling the reactor nuclear power plant (NPP) Fukushima, exploded. Hundreds of thousands of residents in a radius of 20 kilometers from the plant, directly instructed bedol village.

Japan was feared to have failed nuclear capable of broad impact. Nuclear radiation waves rose sharply and threatens every living thing.

Not only that. Gentingan situation in Ranah Sakura also menghentakan primary and secondary markets. Obviously, Japan is the country’s number two economy knot in the world, after America.

Instantly, the Nikkei index slumped 1.7 percent immediately followed by exchanges in global markets, including stock price index (CSPI), which slid 1.27 percent to 3542.23 position. Yen also had sunk to a number of major world currencies. That is the real economic impact.

Latently, the disaster was also changing the world economic map. Japan as the axis of the economy would have experienced shocks. Moreover, Japan is the mecca of world exports and imports.

Japan’s contribution of more than 60 percent of the value of goods and services produced in Asia. This is tantamount to 10 times that of Korea’s production and 20 times more than Indonesia.

Know the economy faltering, the Japanese government did not remain silent. Through its monetary policy, Bank of Japan injected 65 trillion yen in fresh funds, in order to save the market. In plain view, may be part of Japan now is in ruins. But fundamentally, they are still solid.

History records, that a natural disaster like that does not leave permanent damage on the Japanese economy even if short-term effects of its influence. Initial estimated loss from this disaster could reach USD35 billion.

A number of leading investment firm also predicts these conditions, will not affect the long term. Call it the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and M & G Investments, in general, they believe Japan’s economic officials will also conduct economic response.

As Sakura flowers are dropping off, but the tree remained firm.

The issue is, how the Indonesian catch this situation into an opportunity. After all, trade paradigm puts profit as a primary goal?

It is not meant to dance on the suffering of people, but for Indonesia this is a momentum that needs to be saved.


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