Elite and the State Failure

Foreign Policy magazine in cooperation with the Foundation Fund for Peace recently issued data Failed State Index (Failed States Index / FSI). With a cumulative index of 83.1, Indonesia is at the “edge” to the failed state.

Of 177 countries, Indonesia ranks 61st, down one level from the previous year (2009) in which Indonesia in 62nd position with a cumulative index of 84.1. Although it does not include the category in danger (emergency), Indonesia is still in the zone “unsafe”. Indonesia still has the potential to become a failed state, mainly in six aspects: the direction of development (uneven development), security (security apparatus), human migration (human flight), the pressure of population (demographics pressure), an elite fighting (factionalized elites), and authority countries (delegitimation of state).

Indeed, the FSI can not be an absolute measure. But, like a doctor who examined the patient, FSI is a medical record that could be a reference to take action. If not promptly treated, the more chronic diseases and damage throughout the body.

Elite Democracy and Sovereignty

This article will focus discussion on the relationship between elite feud (factionalized elites-FE) with data FSI.Dari Fund for Peace Foreign Policydan apparent failed states are in a dying condition (critical) and critical (in danger) has a fairly elite feud index high.

Since the political reforms of 1998, Indonesia developed a democratic system that the “original”. Theoretically, the system of democracy, the people more sovereign. Popular sovereignty was marked by freedom, openness, and equality. But, in reality, the people remain powerless. The practice of democracy in Indonesia is still perpetuate the sovereignty of the elite. Karutmarut this country can not be separated from the vision, character and morality of the elites. Maybe there was democratic institutions that need to be evaluated.

But, what makes the future of the country increasingly uncertain is his magical values, ethics, and etiquette of democracy. Like the body, democracy is driven by the strength of reason, conscience, and lust. If the body is guided by a healthy mind and instincts are clear, the whole motion will be beautiful, happy, and useful. If lust anger, sport will be the power to destroy evil.

Culturally, paternalism and feudalism still institutionalized in society. Primordialism ethnic-based identity politics, religion, and class is still quite strong. Despite the weak start, the role of charismatic leaders can not be ignored. In addition to its ability factors, many charismatic figures-some of them young-who won a local election. Berkelindan with the culture of feudalism, democracy has spawned a small kings and the bourgeoisie in various bureaucratic structures.

Without considering the competence, the ministers bringing close-kin to the ministry they lead. Some regents / mayor imitating Pharaoh to appoint anyone who is loyal to him and fired-Tuhu they are critical. Some of them even started to build a political dynasty and brought the wives, children and grandchildren to the throne, the regent / mayor.

Economically, the elite also have extraordinary powers. Those who cling to the morality of principle should be surrendered to the fact “that the great financial power.” Modern society is a pragmatic, materialistic, and hedonistic have become adherents of money-theism (Daniel G. Groody, 2010).

According to Groody, money-theism which places human dignity based on property ownership, not the ability and character, is the root of all forms of global injustice. In the nature of procedural democracy, elections are not free market is like where they are affluent can buy the seat of power is very expensive however.

Modeling and Unity Elite

Like a puppet show, people are watching “thanks.” The part that had nothing to do with this story line is fun because laden humor, slapstick and silliness. People see how the elite shows the original character of power-hungry. Elephants fighting the same elephant, pelanduk dead in the middle.

Malay proverb contains a moral message how subjects caught in the middle of an argument elite elite. With intellectual ability, the elites must understand that almost wrecked this country needs a unifier skipper. A solution was to unite. Of course, united in a democratic world does not always agree. But there are certain limits where ketidakbersetujuan not have to stop at a dead end. Noise is unavoidable in a democratic world.

People are more intelligent, free media and open political space was made public with a boisterous debate. It is the people who will assess who is right and who is wrong. No democracy is quiet criticism. Although the criticism is not a sign of hate, not to apply unfair as if all the steps wrong. It would be wise if you sing one seleh.

Wisdom it teaches Java knight attitude: who feel themselves guilty of succumbing. The elite should be able to place themselves. Do nungkak bedudangi: in front could not walk fast, behind kicking. People need to be exemplary of the elite knights. Change of position and power is a common event in the state of democracy.

Abdicate the throne does not mean abjectly. Not a few of his more earthy when not impose themselves in power. Feudalism, both the “democratic” or a “monarchical”, was not a day longer. In the puppet show, “because” should not be too lama.Walaupun funny and entertaining, people are tired laugh watching feud elites. Time to rebuild the country. Make a definite decision: stop fighting for the realization of the ideals of a just, prosperous, and secure.

Muhammadiyah Central Executive Secretary


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