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Golkar mock duel-Democrat

Political WAR Golkar Party and the Democratic Party continues. All lines made this bipartisan momentum for mutual jegal. Call it a chaotic All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) and the tax inquiry. Golkar intensively carry this right, otherwise the Democratic coalition with the party faithful refused.

Current ruling party was leading in the fight. Even Golkar, which obviously defected, still included in the pro-government coalition party. The assurance came after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) meets with Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie.

Previously, high-ranking Democrats asked Yudhoyono to get rid of the ministers are entrusted by Golkar. The request was also included to cadre of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). Understandably MCC a joint venture with Golkar while carrying the questionnaire mafia tax. Same meaning expelled from the coalition. SBY apparently was not moved by the whining of the Democratic bigwigs.

Steps to be selected this SBY did not make the Democrats to stop whining. If the request is not granted, there are other strategies. So would that have been embedded from the minds of Democratic leaders. Current is requested that the position of Ical, greeting friends Bakrie, who becomes Chief Executive of the Joint Secretariat be replaced.

The reason is trivial for daily work can be a maximum chairman. During this time, Ical considered elite Democrats have a pretty solid rushing. Then Democrats assess antarpartai communication incorporated in the setgab not going well. From that evaluation, the Chairman of the Democratic Party Jafar Hafsah DPP said it would discuss the matter first with SBY.

Golkar elite who heard this discourse immediately respond. Through sekjennya, Idrus Marham, Golkar spoke. Idrus assess what the discourse Democrats something strange and will be difficult to be realized. Moreover, Golkar assess the communication between SBY and Ical going well.

For most people assessing the Golkar and the Democratic feud solely for power. Golkar wants Ical remain in position to be able to “control” measures the government. While the Democrats seemed to have been uncomfortable with the presence of Ical. Especially after Golkar contrary to the Democrats on tax inquiry.

It could be traumatized by Democrats lunge kick Golkar shown so far. Whereas with Ical chosen to be Chief Executive of the Setgab, can direct the full support of Golkar SBY government agenda. Bak real opposition party.

With such a background is very reasonable if Golkar and the Democratic feud like two gangs of young people who have similar interests. The interests of power, not the ambition to promote the welfare of people’s lives. How arifnya when Democrats and solid Golkar urged Yudhoyono to realize the promise during the campaign.

What the Golkar and the Democratic elite seem increasingly confusing the people who actually do not need this ridiculous farce. They need both political parties are more appreciated by constituents who mostly lower middle income people.

Assurance of education, health, and decent jobs that awaited his constituents, not the mock fights like this. If the dispute is against a background of these aspects, this nation would greatly appreciate the political elite and worthy of eternal constituency for the party.

May the farce played by the political elite in Indonesia is not made public antipathy to political parties.


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