Want Books bomb ‘Read’ Who?

The bomb was really interesting book to read. Because until now has not known for certain the motive for what. So, many people who try memelesetkan purpose bombs with the sender’s own interpretation.
For example, when a bomb exploded in the area of ​​the old office in Ulil Absar Abdalla of the Liberal Islam Network and wounded, Adj Reskrim East Jakarta, Kompol Dodi. At that time, bombing Ulil directly interpret the political aims of the book because of its role in the Democratic Party. Also associated with problems of coalition that was warm.

But it was a bomb book not only come to the office of ex Ulil, office and home Goris Mere Chairman of Pemuda Pancasila, Yapto S. Two days later a bomb also targeted to the house of artist Ahmad Dhani.

Apparently Ulil and his colleagues in the Democratic Party is too quick to conclude a bomb targeting the book party was made by President SBY.

Plus conclusion of political observers and lawmakers Bachtiar Effendy Effendy Choirie who assess bomb Ulil not intended to be personal. Because Ulil recently just returned from overseas study and has not seen his role in the Democratic Party. So do not already have ‘serious threat’ to others.

There the analysis says, Ulil only used as a symbol of the Liberal Islam Network. Community groups that are considered nyeleneh and make its own interpretation, thus threatening the existence of Islam.

This is reinforced by a bomb threat to the Goris Mere who had been frontman Detachment 88, a detachment that continues to hunt down and destroy terrorist groups. Likewise, Ahmad Dhani, who recently touted the right of Islamic groups as Jewish agents.

Apart from the various analysis above. It is the people in a state of nervous and frightened. So do not dare open the package containing the book that came to their house. For example, Indra, a resident at Pondok Indah which call Gegana as it gets shipment of books from people who do not recognize.

In this case the intelligence could have been called missed. Because they can not anticipate the movement of terrorists who are now alive again and made the situation tense again. Quoting former BIN chief Hendropriyono, intelligence should not let its oversight of terrorist groups like this.

Intelligence should continue to put people in this group and continue to monitor their movements so that no more bomb threats that have the potential to threaten public safety.

President’s appeal is expected to be driving past for the intelligence community in the police, military, and intelligence to move faster again in revealing who the actual perpetrators of the bomb sender. To avoid recriminations about the sender of the bomb.

And certainly for the public feel protected and no longer under threat.


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