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Natural No Need to be opposed

WHEN Mount Merapi in Sleman, Yogyakarta, spewing wedhus trash, there are some people so sure the wedhus trash will step aside from it. It turns out that thought wrong. Wedhus trash continues to hit and make the most of the population die.

That is proof that nature can not be resisted. Very true statement of Sri Sultan HB X which states “Never once in a while we fight against nature. All I can do is avoid it.” Nature has its own pattern, and the man who understands, will read and sign patterns of nature to shy away from things that are bad for him.

The incident was the latest earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Affairs of the Rising Sun was always aware of the risks of his country who staked out an earthquake. They also prepare all the needs to “be spared” from nature’s fury. Buildings made so strong. Early Warning System is also very advanced. In emergency situations, the Japanese government is also very nimble. In a moment the Japanese government has mobilized 100,000 members of his martial troops, to distribute 120,000 bottles of water, 110,000 liters of fuel and ready meals to disaster areas.

Things like that should be a lesson for the Indonesian government. The country also included in the map area will continue to be haunted by the disaster. Whether in the form of volcanic eruptions, because the amount is very much an active volcano, as well as other disasters such as floods, landslides, and earthquakes.

Just compare the pattern of earthquake disaster in Japan with the occurrence of flash floods which hit nine villages in Pidie district, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD). The government seem less sprightly. The proof, many mass media which mention the flood victims still complained about the lack of assistance in the form of basic needs and other needs.

Not elegant feel if we solely blame the government. Should public and nonprofit agencies also play an active role to create preparedness for disaster. Communities must also have awareness and tries not to “rebel” of the early warning provided by agencies that are authorized to provide early warning.

With self-awareness of the community coupled with local knowledge instinct honed, not a difficult thing for us all to avoid the “wrath” of nature. Not us against nature, but avoidance. As shown by the majority of coastal residents in the Mentawai. For generations they have local knowledge and a strong feeling, when the water receded very deep beach, they immediately move away from the shoreline as surely be followed by a mahadahsyat brunt of the waves.

Time to learn from Japan by combining with the local wisdom of our society. With so we do not fight nature, but able to avoid the catastrophe.

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