The Culture of Fear

Every human child is born with the instinct of fear. The greater the child’s growth, the more visible the potential of that fear.

However, the level of fear of someone different, so any objects that cause is not always the same. People used to fear wild animals, were created in the form of cane guns, machetes, or arrows. Or someone trying to avoid it. With fear, real human being creative. People are afraid of drowning in the water, created a life jacket. Because of fear of hunger, people hoard rice or other foods. For fear of pain, many people diligently exercising or maintaining health. Imagine how miserable impoverished, people work to earn money and save money. The fear has become entrenched and unhealthy if that becomes the object of fear are the things that really did not become a primary need in life.

It is not healthy anymore if that fear and become a burden and creates enmity with other people. For example, fear of losing office, someone tried in various ways to make his position permanent. Also oppress anyone deemed a threat or a competitor for himself. Such fear is certainly not healthy, rather than encourage creativity in a constructive, but destructive to the mental burden for themselves and their environment. The title of this paper, The Culture of Fear, might be considered excessive. But if we observe, many events and social behavior that shows the emergence of the culture of fear.

If you want to fly majoring in the United States (U.S.) or Europe, when entered boarding room, a very strict examination as to feel uncomfortable. The U.S. government fears that the country suffered from terrorist kesusupan. To get a visa to the U.S. or Europe is also no longer as easy as before acts of terrorism occur. Singapore state is very sophisticated warships to the size of a country with a population of around five million. This is due to fear of possible attacks that came from neighboring countries. He said, too many corrupt save money in the bank in Singapore, fear-fear that Indonesia will be stored in easily discovered.

What is particularly striking is the behavior of the local authorities or central. They tried in various ways for office is not captured people. While those who have not served, fear not miss out, whispering if necessary, drop them on top of another. Just look at the behavior of the contestants in the election and the election. Between lust for power mingled fear to lose or fear do not miss out of office. So his behavior became emotional. Billions squandered money to buy votes, with the hope of a win could return even though the road of corruption. Then there is the candidate who lost, the treasure out of mind messed up, so eventually falls poor and crazy.

In hindsight, our social behavior is strongly influenced by the culture of fear that is destructive. Many parents pursue and accumulate wealth for happy children and grandchildren are not rational anymore. There is a sense of fear of future children and grandchildren to excess. There are mothers who are afraid to face old age with wrinkled face and then tried to perform plastic surgery for her face always looked young as to shift the attention and other work that much more benefit. There are more diligent to the shaman to maintain a career and position that are naturally must come down and change my generation. Thus, The Culture of Fear will easily arise in those whose lives are less submissive to God and the laws of nature.

Those who are old enough to enjoy the status and material, but were reluctant gratitude will always restless. A series of leaders in the Middle East these days is definitely middle-stricken fear toppled from his throne, following the political drama in Tunisia and Egypt. Officers above the fear of falling, whereas that under the fear of the oppressed continue and do not miss the chance to ride.

The poor fear of prolonged suffering by their poverty, and the rich fear of diminished wealth. Lest we all participate unconsciously cultivate the culture of fear, then we are busy-busy afraid of the shadows that we create our own fears. (*)

PROF DR Komaruddin Hidayat
Rector UIN Syarif Hidayatullah


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  1. japan is in a crisis right now

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