Toys Mautku

PLAY supposed to be fun for the kids. But, what happens if the game would lead to death.

Death of a child in grade 1 primary school in Depok, Rivaldi, in the hands of his own companions, RSK (11) must be a serious concern. Moreover, he was killed because the iron pierced in the head that they made their plaything.

The game made quite sadistic Rivaldi and SSR. They play at war with his friends by using improper equipment.

In the United States as many as 235,000 children in 2008 entered the emergency room because of an injury due to their toys.

In the same year, 19 people died because of an accident their toys. Most children have choked by swallowing a small toy.

In Indonesia, the end of 2010 as many as 20 children enter the emergency room and 8 of them threatened with permanent blindness. They entered the ER, after playing at war with a toy gun that the bullet on their eyes.

From this phenomenon, toys can be fun and also dangerous. Therefore, serious attention to toys and games children should be improved.

At least there are three things to be aware of this phenomenon. In terms of regulation, the government should maintain strict toy into Indonesia. Toys that can make the injury even take a life, you should already disetop and prohibited its circulation.

Second, children are an excellent imitator. Therefore, they should not see the violence, either verbally or through the media. Therefore, media such as television plays an important role to prevent violence among children with not publish anything that smells of violence.

Finally, back to the parents. Kids games may seem simple and not taken seriously by most parents. In fact, some examples of the above cases show that most of the game boy that resulted in injury or loss of life, due to absence of parental supervision.

The children are the future of the nation. Keeping them as also to maintain the future of this nation.


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