such as inciting jerry

Price of crude oil today is the middle of expensive-expensive. Since last weekend, has broken above the psychological level of USD100 per barrel.

The increase is triggered by tensions in the Middle Eastern countries are already making other countries ketar-ketir. Not about the heat of the political situation, but the state budget that can be drained.

In Indonesia, the government has arrested these signals for a long time. Budget 2011 was immediately secured. If not, can come up short hundreds of trillions. PT Pertamina (Persero) as the only institution of traffic fuel regulator, also has grab square off to accept the government’s attitude.

Long story short, was established Study Team Setting Fuel (BBM) to examine how the best way to address oil price fluctuations. The team is headed by Anggito Abimanyu threw three options to the House of Representatives.

First, the increase in the price premium of 500 and giving cashback for public transportation. Cashback is given because the public transport services to the public.

The second option, keeping prices at the level pertamax Rp8.000 per liter, in connection with the migration to pertamax premium user.

The third option is to ration the consumption of premium by using a control system that not only applies to public transport but also the motor.

Actually, the increase in fuel prices is the only way to make safe the national budget. But the risk is too big for the government.

Discourse was also headed the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). The agency states the option to raise fuel for 500 as the most ideal option. If that option is taken, it does not have a direct impact on inflation.

BPS head Rusman Heriawan explained, the direct impact of fuel consumption of only 0.3 percent inflation. The options considered as the simplest option and free from abuse.

But, not so simple. Of society who suffer most, if true rise in fuel prices which he said “only” gope realized. Indeed, the increase in fuel price policy escorted cashback. But what about other effects?

Bak lit a fire in the jerry can. Surely the price of basic needs would explode and spread to other prices.

In fact, the government always plead not want to take that risk. At the announcement of fuel price hike in 2008, the government does not want suffering to the people dodging. But after all the fuel price hike as well right?

If the correct price of fuel is increased, again the people cornered in an increasingly difficult situation .. Ckckck …


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