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When Politics No populist

The condition of politics in the archipelago of late increasingly semerawut and chaotic. The split the coalition that was built since the general election (Election) 2009 is in sight. Number of internal interests that affect the intimacy of a coalition party that has been awakened. Finally, the parties involved in a coalition to better secure its position in power to ignore the common good for the people. Peak when Golkar and the MCC filed questionnaire rights to attack the government’s tax policy.

The coalition is also woke up, it seems only half-half because after the division of power. Weak political communication and a lack of assertiveness SBY as the head of the coalition is making things worse. As a result, the performance of government depends on the pattern of interaction that is built up in the coalition.

Conditions which resulted in a coalition government stability is what brings people are increasingly sinking into political apathy. People are increasingly embarrassed by the behavior of politicians. Embarrassment and bored people mengahapi dynamics such as this lowers trust in government. People are increasingly distant from the interest in politics, when what people need only state a better and stable.

The worst scenario is SBY make reforms that started from the ranks of government ministers underneath. Minister of partaii bold variety and romance threaten coalition ready to thrown in the middle of the road. If SBY rakyatpun doing so will not matter with whom and from where the minister’s party. Because people will not judge from the minister but the performance is done. However, bagaimanapu will of the people still terpnggirkan because political elites keep trying to divide the “cake of power”.

Do not forget the concept of Indonesian rule was built from the democratic system. According to Marx, the state (government) is just the committee that manages the interests of the ruling as a whole, hence politics actually serves as the highest authority. The conception of democracy according to Phillippe C. Schmitter and Terry Lynn Karl, democracy is a system of government where the government held accountable for their actions in the public realm by citizens, acting indirectly through competition and cooperation with their representatives who have been selected.

In response to all conditions that occur like this now absolute returns and the political orientation of government to the people. However the people is the highest authority in a democracy and government that stands as a mandate of the people. It is the people of the most important interests to defend and take precedence. Besides, who performed in conducting political education polite and responsible to future generations. The future of the nation is determined by the generation educated in the present.

Chandra Agie Yudha
Student Management
Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada


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