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Gayus Tambunan versus Michael Jordan

.. .. If I Gaius Tambunan
which could go to Bali ..
All keingininannya ..
must be fulfilled .. “(Bona Paputungan)

On arrival at the house one night, I perform a ritual that is required to: take a remote control television and then turn it on. At that time, there is no preference of certain events or even certain television stations that want me to watch. Wong’s name alone ritual, yes .. all just blindly. No matter what is broadcasted on television before, I was headed for the kitchen which is not far away from the television. My goal one. Take a glass of water to quench your thirst.

Not yet also water in the glass completely moved into the esophagus, I heard vague rebound song “… if I Gaius Tambunan …” Cash, with glass still stuck in his mouth as he finished his drink, I pressed myself back into the television to ensure sound rebound I had vaguely heard.

Apparently, what I hear is a song from a video clip of someone named Bona Paputungan. In the song he himself wished to be Gaius Tambunan. The reason is, “.. all his wishes would be fulfilled ..” so why Bona in a song called If I Gaius Tambunan.

I paused for a moment. I also try to increase the concentration to understand that tertayang scene after scene in the video clip. Unfortunately, I have not finished watching the video clip, the phone rings interrupting everything. “Men, Hurry to the field. The kids have been in come ya .. “shouted a brother at the end of the phone that night reminded me that I do actually play basketball on the ground near the house. Right! I did the sport of basketball lovers. In fact, I’ve fallen in love since childhood.

Syahdan, I was immediately clean up and move toward a basketball court. Of course, I did not finish viewing the video clip earlier. The impact, easy to guess. While walking toward the field I was also thinking about the video. I’m curious. But strangely, I even carried over into a childhood memory. Yes, the memory where I was idolized figure in line with my hobbies: playing basketball. Who else if not Michael Jordan!
At that time, ie in the 90s, I really admire Jordan. Imagine, Jordan with his trademark style: Air Jordan, able to ‘walk’ in the air before then menceploskan ball into the basket. Jordan also has a myriad of ‘force’ the ball into the basket. Call it a reverse clock, windmill clock, or lean hours, which eventually brought the head of this pelontos become NBA slam dunk contest champion in ’87 and ’88. Not only that, afro-america male offspring was also instrumental in delivering his team, the Chicago Bulls, won 6 times the most prestigious basketball tournament in the world: the NBA, the year ’91-’93 and ’96-’98 ( also known as double-threepeat).

My admiration grew when Michael Jordan finally rewarded in kind of a myriad of achievements by being crowned the world’s number 4 in the list of the wealthiest Black Americans in 2009 by Forbes magazine. The reason, Jordan pocketed the money as much as 525 million U.S. dollars-from playing basketball and several product commercials.

That’s why I wanted to be Michael Jordan! Especially after a teenager I knew from his biography was not with Mike obtain instant success. Yes, he’s even been dropped from the basketball team at her school because her appearance is considered normal. However, Jordan got up and continued to practice tirelessly. “I closed my eyes every time I feel tired in practice, and imagine my name is in the storage room (locker room)” Jordan said in his biography.

The fruit was beginning to feel his struggle. In addition to achievement and wealth in abundance earlier, Jordan became the icons of phenomenal. He finished admiration of many, especially the era of the 90s. In writing the foreword of the book “How To Be Like Michael Jordan”, Helmy Yahya, the presenter of an award winning Panasonic award, also admitted idolized Jordan. Hundreds and even thousands of people claim in their personal websites that they want to be like Michael Jordan. And this, immediately responded quickly by one energy drink products with creating the song ‘I want to be like Mike’.

‘.. If I Gaius Tambunan .. which can go to Bali .. all his wishes would be fulfilled …’ rebound of a friend who was warming up by shooting the ball into the basket instantly dispelled earlier memory of my childhood. ‘Well that’s the Jayus Tambunan has come. Woi .. Hurry. Want to play ya .. ‘screamed another friend.

After playing basketball, so I rushed home.

Because teasing with Jayus call a play on the Gaius-Tambunan Tambunan, during the drive home I got to thinking about the figure of Gaius. The emergence of former tax office employee who started lively discussion of March 2010 was not ever escape the attention of the public until now. Even Kabareskrim Police Headquarters, Komjen Pol Ito Sumardi, once said that their wealth could reach nearly 200 billion dollars.

Yes, no wonder indeed. The property is also rewarded so many ‘achievements’ Gaius. Call it the KPC, Bumi Resources, Arutmin, are three companies that feel indebted because of ‘achievements’ Gaius in helping take care of their taxes. And for that, Gaius received nearly 100 billion dollars in return.

Gaius Tambunan became a phenomenal figure throughout 2010 in this country because of his performance to another. He managed to score a record 68 times out of jail even though the status is on hold. More powerful again, when out of prison he was not only berplesiran to Bali but also to foreign countries such as Macau and Singapore.

Thus, only natural that many people discuss ‘achievement’ is Gaius. Only people who have the skills and special abilities that can do so. No wonder, then, appears people who idolized Gaius Tambunan. Bona Paputungan one of them.

Not only that, some of my friends in social networking also write up their desire to get as alumni of the State Accounting College (STAN) is. In the end they want to have money in the relatively young age: 31 years.

Sangking fun this mind wander into the matter of Gaius, I became like not aware if it had arrived at the house again. Went back to my television remote rengguk to then run a television set without preference ritual occasions. With a cool punch-pressed the remote button to find the program interesting, I thought, “Hmm .. if he is so detained 7 years in prison, will be approximately berplesiran where else ya … if not .. he kapok berplesiran but so comfortable in jail because the room was specially designed with a number of interiors such as soft mattresses, air conditioning, telephone, or even a karaoke room? “Well, if that happens I also want to be Gaius Tambunan. You too?

Pir Owners
Tv television journalist one of the national private and faculty FIKOM UPI YAI, Jakarta


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