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Laughter also Dalang

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) asked the Golkar Party still join the coalition. No matter ever to defect, still possible to assess the political maneuvering of the party bearing the banyan tree is still tolerable. Three ministers Fadel Muhammad, MS Hidayat, and Agung Laksono stay in position.

That’s politics. There are no eternal friends and opponents. What exists is an eternal interests. This fact makes the political elite in this country sustain a variety of ways to get to their own interests. This means that Golkar and the Democratic Party together have an interest, at least until the presidential election of 2014.

Ironic to see the map pecaturan and joint secretariat (setgab) political party supporting the government. Threatening and blocking each other flowing as played by the two party functionaries. Everything felt right with political policy, even though the people sick of this political farce.

Sutuasi in setgab heats up when Golkar and Democrats disagree on bailout addressing the Century Bank. This bipartisan friendship Kiang critical after Golkar support digulirkannya Mafia Tax Questionnaire. Respond to Golkar, SBY has threatened to dismantle the coalition formation.

The target of Golkar and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). Both parties are considered to betray the agreement in the coalition. Such threats do not make the Golkar and the MCC trepidation. Without filtered, Golkar and the MCC asserted ready expelled from the coalition. That means, you must be ready all the party cadres who sat as a minister dismissed.

What happened, Golkar humbly accept the invitation SBY. Direct Golkar figure represented only numbers, Bakrie. I do not know what was agreed upon, a clear Golkar interesting with his own words remain in the coalition. Maybe it could be concluded Golkar still power hungry and do not have the guts to be opposition.

Fact be a boon for Golkar in the 2014 election, if declared itself in opposition. People definitely will give you an appreciation for Golkar. Paradigm Golkar power hungry and can not be separated from power will fade. In contrast, Golkar would show depravity of her own by joining the coalition.

Then what about MCC? The experience of politics and the number of votes, far behind the MCC with Golkar. SBY still embracing it’s fair Golkar snubbed despite vigorous government policies that do not pro-people and the law. Could reverse the MCC. The proof has not been invited SBY MCC officials as it did against Golkar.

MCC opportunities thrown wide open from the Coalition. Divorce MCC and Democrats almost certain when the grinder into the Coalition. In mathematics, Gerindra will replace the MCC until three years into the future. This condition makes MCC begins to soften and states still want to follow in the footsteps of Golkar. The question is whether SBY still need support MCC?

MCC Position tercampakan even more if the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) also accepts the Democratic persuasion. For this one, SBY does not require Gerindra Party. Chairman of the PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri was still refusing to open political relations with the government party. But its quasi could happen because in politics nothing is impossible.

If this scenario occurs, the MCC was the only opposition party until three years into the future. In contrast to PDI-P which has a lot of sound and adequate flight hours, the critical attitude of the MCC during the opposition do not become gravels for SBY. MCC would only be a complement to 2014. Reality is likely to make MCC turned the bow still want a relationship in the coalition.

Is the MCC strategy remain in the coalition? Let’s wait what the decision will be selected SBY. Clearly, the political mastermind laugh at silly slapstick of these parties.

Maybe it’s good we contemplate with lyrics sebait Donates, owned by Iwan Fals. “The demons come strangle her politics. Although the days pacekik still suffocating.”

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