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Composition Awaits New Minister

ISSUES cabinet reshuffle like a snow ball rolling. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has sent a letter and will have a meeting with coalition party leaders. SBY will again ask for their commitment in the coalition. If the commitment they are small, not half-hearted welcome them out of the coalition.

Two parties, Golkar and the MCC, seems to be the target of evaluation. The reason is they who are considered “thorn in the flesh”, because often both parties are maneuvering to make the Democratic Party and coalition party members scrambling. Golkar itself said it still hopes to support the government until 2012, and the MCC chose resignation if its cadres removed from the cabinet.

Now, the two parties namely Gerindra and PDIP is being courted by the Democratic Party. They are targeted to enter the coalition. Party in a brightly lit Gerindra requested rations State Enterprises Minister and Minister of Agriculture for its cadres if they are drawn into the coalition. While still waiting for PDIP attitude “legowo” Megawati to forget the “tragedy” of the past.

If you look at the calculations chair, still going strong coalition of Golkar and the MCC should be abandoned. Of course with a record Gerindra PDIP and really get into the coalition. Rough count of the coalition will have 380 votes (67.86 percent) in the parliament with the details, 28 kursin PKB, PPP 38 seats, the PAN 46 seats, 94 seats PDIP, Gerindra 26 seats, and the Democrats 148 seats.

Meanwhile, outside the coalition parties will only have 180 votes in parliament, or 32.14 percent. Details, Hanura 17 seats, 57 seats PKS and Golkar 106 seats.

Looking at the composition of such force that the process of reform of the coalition and the cabinet reshuffle is also worth considering. The ultimate goal is for governments to run strong. During this time, the President and the ranks of government, such as hostage by the political game Golkar and the MCC.

Will muluskan reshuffle and reform process of this coalition? Not necessarily. Especially for the PDIP, the current hot ball was not touched at all by Megawati. Even the general chairman of the party chose to avoid this white muzzle when envoys of King docked Hatta coalition wants to see.

The same thing will be experienced by Gerindra. Although the party unanimously ready to enter into a coalition, but the opposition is coming from NGOs. They requested that a new coalition that will be made by the Democrats still consider the human rights aspect. Understandably the general chairman of this party considered to be involved in a number of human rights cases during the early reform blooms 1997-1998.

Public are now waiting for a firm stance SBY and the Democratic Party. Community crave a strong government that is not easily drawn stretching to the right and left. It all takes komtmen height of the party coalition. Tanopa yuang strong governance of this nation is very difficult to spur development. The situation of political noise will threaten the sustainability of development.

Actually now the hot ball stayed dipengang by SBY and Megawati. If they say “yes”, then the new coalition is formed immediately. And we will soon witness the conduct of new ministers.


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