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World Class Human

On various occasions to give speech at universities and educational institutions across Indonesia, President Yudhoyono invites academics, lecturers, and researchers to develop higher education “world class”.

Call the President delivered at the UI, Airlangga University, ITS, ITB, UGM, the National Resilience Institute, and the Indonesian Defense University last 2-3 years interval. President SBY bertetap heart for Indonesian academics and intellectuals to make Indonesia as the G-20 member countries are weighted by the level of competitive ability in science and technology at the global level. China and India was heavily prepared within a period of 20-25 years are able to establish each 9 to 10 world class campuses in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta. In our defense doctrine, the brain of war, war of science and knowledge, creativity war, and war is part of the defense efficiency of one another, commonly known as “nonmilitary defense.”

Defense in the field of competitiveness, creativity, and power efficiency is not a new concept for many thinkers of the world. Countries such as Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, and the city state like Singapore since the mid-1960s realized that the scarcity of natural resources such as forests, oil, gas, gold, and a number of other natural resources to force its leaders to ” turn the brain “looked at the entire universe of the world as” land “that must be mapped and processed through a” war of knowledge “. Large populous countries like India and China are aware that their economic and industrial growth is highly dependent of the network of energy supply, food, and water from sources located far from rural India and China.

Learning from the experience of 19th-century Japan, Switzerland and Sweden of the 1940s-1950s, Singapore since 1967, the leaders of India and China in the 1980s believe they have to build a network of gas supply, oil, minerals, coal, and other sources other natural resources needed to secure economic growth 9-10% a year through the geo-political policies and geoekonomi an integrated and continuous. Chinese leaders netted up to the Sudan for oil supplies, Brazil for iron ore, Australia’s minerals and food.

Head of Government of India seeking oil and gas supplies from Central Asia mancabenua down to, coal from Indonesia. Diplomacy of China and India to Myanmar is closely related to the wealth of natural resources and minerals owned Myanmar. State-owned companies of India and China signed a contract diligent energy supply in various corners of the world, including in areas prone to political shocks like in the Middle East today.


Defense or the “war” that one again-war science-technology and science is also realized by the developed countries like the United States, Germany, and France. In the three countries technical education, science, and mathematics promoted from elementary school level and junior high school. President Obama on January 20, 2011 to invite the people of the United States encourage technical education, science, and mathematics for 20 years after the United States felt the competition medium industrial / manufacturing from East Asian countries.

Factories manufacturing America and Europe struggled throughout the 1990’s due to price competition products manufacturing industry of Japan, South Korea, India, and China. Competition to build a world-class campus triggered by the fact that in 15-20 years, higher education must be able to capture at least 20% of students directly involved in education, research and development in the field of high-tech, service economy, and creativity. This is being pursued by China and India who wanted to equal the high technology industry with high-tech industrial Europe / United States 15 years from now. The chase ratings war technology is closely related to patents, intellectual property and creative industries are heavily dependent on the brain for processing of creativity and renewal of design, quality and taste.

With the number of employers that only 400,000 of 237 million people of Indonesia, Indonesia must compete with 1.5 million smart entrepreneurs of India and China in the fields of management, engineering, science, and mathematics. With only 12,000 people with a doctorate (from biotechnology to science culture and art), Indonesia had to fight against the 70,000 and 54,000 doctors and scholars of India and China. Hope the creative and innovative scholars in India, China, and Indonesia is that smart people did not forget the large number of residents in these three countries still live in the lower middle and agricultural industries.

In India there are about 300 million middle class population of 1.1 billion, in China there are 350 million middle-class than 1.4 billion; in Indonesia, only 53 million of 237 million. Creative industries are not labor-intensive industries. Therefore, to meet the solicitation and campus leaders to build world-class industry, we all must pay attention and remain concerned about the large number of our citizens who have not absorbed into the world of “brain wars” and the “war on foreign excellence.” The brain and the creativity of world-class Indonesian intellectuals must, but his concern for fellow citizens who remain should also be world class, in accordance with the precepts of a just and civilized humanity.

Juwono Sudarsono
Former Secretary of Defense, Minister of Education and Culture, Ministry of Environment, and Professor of University of Indonesia


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