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Ignoring Mother’s Heart Injury

Politics is the art of reaching power. That’s the old adage expression when he saw the doings of ambitious politicians who have power. As shown coalition party, they were “walking on swing” featuring art even though the edges are one, the power!

Because it does not have to wonder while scratching his head when he heard the news and PDIP Gerindra start approached or approaching the palace. Latest, two names will be entered to fill the post referred to the presidential aide, Puan Maharani PDIP origin and origin Gerindra Prabowo.

For Gerindra, SBY government coalition with the PDI-P is not as difficult. Communication intensive – for both military background with SBY – Gerindra also do not have a history of less reassure with SBY’s party. So, the opportunity did not enter the cabinet seseret PDIP. Of course, all this can happen if the “right price” (the postal minister), then immediately wrap.

But unlike the Democratic Party of Struggle. The party bearing the white snout is already too long been the opposition party and the government of SBY. Since 2004, the total was 7 years PDIP glared at what they are doing the government. Not only that, far more substantial is hurt Megawati to SBY is already inside.

Mega-SBY feud in 2004 before the elections turned out to be used with slick by a team of supporters to raise the image of SBY which turned out to be head to head with Megawati.

It also recognized a number of figures who are sent to lobby the Democratic Party of Struggle SBY into government. New Taufik Kiemas and ladies who apparently began to flirt with a bid for power. But Megan? “Mother liver injury is still too deep to be forgotten.” That’s about expression of PDI-P politicians describe the severity Mega refusal to join with SBY.

The key now, how can memluluhkan SBY heart of the mother who was wound. Although somewhat difficult, but in politics there is always a possibility. Including one of PDI-P cadre who was itching to ignore the power of Mother liver injury that was deep.

Could it be?

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