Learn from Jazz

When Louis Armstrong was asked, “What is jazz?” He said, just listen, because we will never know what it is jazz. This weekend, December 4 to 6 March 2011, the Java Jazz Festival will be held in Jakarta for the seventh time. So, watch and listen to it.

Many who wanted to go to a party does not understand jazz but then felt the attack. There is also a fixed future. Cases in the festival arena just wandering unclear direction, no matter. What matters is present. Moreover, the tickets can be free, barter or loving the results then there is no harm in coming. Attendance fee, term. Also, as a member of the upper classes or let be included in the prestigious class, present at the Jazz Festival is mandatory. But all that remains positive. Good.

As we say, do not know it the Bodo. As we never try to know how jazz would ever know? At least, never came to the festival with jazz or jazz performances are expected to know there is jazz with a serious effort. Furthermore, this year can learn to listen to jazz. So at next year’s festival has been able to walk proudly toward the jazz festival. Also has decent pair of seals in the forehead, Jazz Mania!

Not only the general public needs to know jazz. The politicians are also “must” recognize jazz music. Why?! Therefore, the jazz music that is very democratic. In a jazz group, each player has the right to improvise, but the result is a harmonious music. Each may speak different but all of the goals for kenikamatan listeners or viewers. So, politicians should also learn from jazz harmony for their voices heard in the ears of the people. Tomorrow we see, how many politicians took time to watch the Java Jazz Festival plesir compared with a belly dancing or watching football with free tickets? Indeed, not the size if there are politicians not to watch jazz then chaotic behavior.

PSSI Management also needs to learn from the ethics of jazz music. In jazz, a maestro not always be a market leader in a jazz band. Who does not know Dizzy Gilespie trumpet blower? But at a time he was only a rhythm section of saxophonist Benny Carter with Joe Pass and Tommy Flanagan. In the world of jazz, Joe Pass was the god of guitar and Tommy Flanagan is a jazz piano maestro with a humble but they are willing to sit in the position only accompaniment. At one time Joe Pass became a star in the Big Band performances Elington Duke. Sometimes above or below normal in jazz with a passion for jazz. So Nurdin Halid also must often watch jazz festival. Do not just play to the LP Cipinang.

Not only that, they recently kepruk-keprukan because of different opinions about religion, there is also a good idea to listen to jazz music. Learn through jazz. When the blacks as “owner” of jazz oppressed, the female singer Billie Holiday make his protest through song Strange Fruit. Tracks recorded in 1939 was given serious attention by all parties, including the white. Singer Bing Crosby and then go sing. Since Bing was a star that is acceptable among blacks and whites, then the protest message can be up to the destination. A protest through art and without violence. Why protest in Indonesia often use violence? It is suggested, the president should have special staff field of culture and often hear and play jazz. Bill Clinton played his saxophone jazz past.

Dangdut & Variety Flow

Based on observations during this, whose name was not merely presenting jazz festival jazz musician. If you see a list of artists who will perform at the Java Jazz Festival 2011, for example, is listed Jasmine Trias or Dental Group Band and others. Do Kai will play jazz at this festival? It might, but will not be greater expectations. Things like this normal in a festival. This affair with the trade. If all the jazz musicians who perform the committee feared a loss. At the same time help to those who attended the jazz festival giddy can helpful, how can he enjoy in addition to jazz.

Stars of jazz, of course, must exist. His name also jazz festival. But do not be reckless with more rock and pop stars just simply afraid of loss. This can be detrimental to true jazz lovers. Featuring the music a cross between jazz with rock, pop, traditional and other local acceptable and understood. Because music knows no bounds, the intersection is normal. Freedom of jazz can receive all the other musical elements, that is what makes jazz as the music world. That unique jazz. Collaboration between band Teeth with Ron King Big Band, if it materialized, was able to cite jazz as the music can take all the classes.

Observing so tolerant the organizers to give space to pop music, rock and others in the Java Jazz Festival, despite it is a trading strategy, unfortunately no room to dangdut music. Supposedly, Dangdut also given space in this festival. Do not we express cynicism on behalf of Dangdut. Whether rock, pop and dangdut is known not jazz, but each has strengths that can be tried for an experiment.

Dangdut is already claimed as Indonesian folk music deserves a place in jazz festivals in Indonesia. Organizers have raised more and more cultural or local values ​​to be introduced to the world. Dangdut is not without the artist’s character and has the ability to get into jazz territory.

The reason is, because it has not been attempted. In fact, if listened to, almost 70 percent of the songs and sang dangdut material moan, complain no difference in the blues. Consider the polls Miharja in the song End Love or Megi Z with his verse Toothache moaning, ngeblues. And, the blues in jazz tree is the root of jazz. Certainly debatable menabrakan dangdut with jazz.

When Antonio Carlos Jobim opportunity to introduce the Brazilian folk music to the world through the intersection with jazz, assisted by guitarist Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz sax blower was then Bosanova worldwide. Bosanova not in the tree of jazz, but at this time almost all jazz musicians come to play bosanova. Jaduk with bold play and record Bosanova Java for several albums and got a good response.

Properly, next year, the Java Jazz Festival helps give the space to experiment dangdut musicians introduce to the world. If the results are not satisfactory not a problem. In the long history of jazz, originally also a suburb of music where white people are reluctant to play it. His fate, perhaps, not unlike dandgut today. But how dangdut a century later? It still depends on the artist and us all. But there is no harm in giving space to local music.

Congratulations to watch and enjoy jazz music .***

Eddy Kokko
Music lovers & Editor of News at Radio Dangdut Indonesia


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  1. bener banget. jazz itu memang sulit untuk dipahami, tapi mudah untuk dinikmati
    mungkin setiap orang memang paling tidak harus mendengarkan musik jazz, meski hanya sekali

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