Yoyo reunion with the ‘Old pal’

Buddy Rice of course shocked to hear that digemarinya band, Padi, namely Yoyok, caught in the middle of eating shabu-shabu in Sudirman Park Apartment floor 40, room 40 BA.

Yoyo was immediately seized the police and threatened with jail for having 0.5 grams of shabu-shabu. The news Yoyok friendship with illicit drugs has been circulating for goods before long, he had reportedly close to the drug type of heroin.

In fact, reportedly, due to heroin and that’s infidelity Yoyok Rosa rid of life as a husband.

The case of drugs and celebrity is not the first time this has happened, a series of famous artist also never felt the bars of prison for drug problems. From comedian, sitcom actress, to the musicians.

From among the musicians in addition to Yoyo, there is also Samuel Henderson Simorangkir aka Sammy and Imam S Arifin. Players soap operas and movies have Roy Marten, Revaldo, Ibra Azhari. Even Roy Marten and Revaldo had twice enjoyed the bars of prison for drugs.

Meanwhile, from the comedian, is the name of Polo, Doyok, and Gogon who also enjoy the cold tile prison.

Competition in the world of celebrity that seems to be quite heavy enough to affect a person’s life. Of which had been famous, many jobs, and deep pockets, to be displaced by newly emerging artists. When he was not strong, the artist will be run to the drug.

It is recognized Sammy, former vocalist Keripatih. He admitted that he experienced heavy pressure on the band so that the escape to drugs. Some celebrities are caught in drugs, most have rarely appeared on screen again.

Call it Roy Marten, Revaldo, Ibra Azhari. Roy Marten is a very popular male artist in the 1980’s. Who does not know Roy Marten then, handsome man who starred in Blue Campus. Love story Gajah Mada University students who played Roy Marten.

Revaldo, his name also briefly rose as starred in the film What’s Up with Love. He served as Rangga. Then Ibra Azhari, he is also quite popular in movies starring hot in the 1980’s. But, all three are no longer enliven the screen glass.

Apparently this has become a soft market for drug traffickers in the country. Because, not a few drug dealers approaching celebrities and make them ‘fall in love’ with drugs.

As in the case of Yoyo and Imam S Arifin. Police are stalking them. Yoyo was arrested while using methamphetamine, while the Imam was arrested after a drug transaction. This is evidence of how closely the artist’s relationship with drug traffickers.

Should the police not only in capturing the artist’s finished taking the drug. But also cut off drug dealers network among celebrities who have a strong chain.

In addition, it is also a warning to people who want to be a celebrity to prepare for the post-power syndrome. Because not always someone at the top of fame forever, when dropped it should be ready for it and not be a coward by running away to the drug.


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