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Centennial Sjafruddin Prawiranegara

Memory in the history of Indonesia should be re-opening old files to find the magnitude figure. A century ago, February 28, 1911, Serang, Banten, recorded history is important to the survival of this nation with the birth Sjafruddin Prawiranegara.

Among the important role is to form the Emergency Government of Republic of Indonesia (Emergency) when the Dutch Military Aggression II and captured the capital of Indonesia, and captivating the President, Vice President, and other government officials of Indonesia on December 19, 1948. In this precarious condition of the leaders of Indonesia in Sumatra, which was arranged Sjafruddin Prawiranegara held meetings to discuss the consequences of the Dutch Military Aggression. While waiting for the certainty of the news leader of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, they move and come together to formed the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Emergency) on December 22, 1948.

The next day, December 23, 1948, Sjafruddin speech denouncing the Netherlands and confirms that RI does not depend on the Soekarno-Hatta although they are very valuable. No lag, he called on all the Armed Forces of ROI to continue fighting and pounding the Netherlands anywhere and with anything. Since then PDRI emerged as enemy number one who always sought the Netherlands. No wonder the Emergency Government figures continue to move while undercover to avoid the pursuit and attack the Dutch.

They not infrequently have to sleep in the forest groves, riverbanks, and the shortage of food. Not only that, they also carry radios and various other propaganda tools to tell the world about the existence of RI. Emergency Conditions and out of the woods to encourage Dutch memplesetkannya Emergency Government with the Government of Indonesia In the Woods. However, the existence of the Emergency Government which is located somewhere in the jungle in Sumatra is actually able to break the Dutch claim that said Indonesia has been destroyed following the attack to Yogyakarta.

Emergency Government is able to control the country even if done by guerillas from one place to another. Various resistance and diplomacy are conducted PDRI is what makes the Netherlands the wedged position in the association Mondial. By mid 1949, the Emergency Government propaganda began to succeed with the emergence of internationally condemned the attitude of the Dutch military aggression. While in Indonesia, the Dutch had never managed to fully charge.

These conditions forced the Dutch face the RI at the negotiating table by selecting delegates Soekarno-Hatta, who was then the status of prisoners. The talks resulted in agreement-Royen Roem. Initiatives RI leader in the Dutch surveillance that would make the leaders and fighters in the field PDRI less happy. General Sudirman, for example, he sent a radiogram to Sjafruddin questioned the feasibility of advanced custody to the negotiating table.

Commander of the youngest republic has ever had shed his irritation with the inconsistency of the leaders of Indonesia in Bangka. According to him, on the existing RI Emergency Government which was inaugurated by the Soekarno-Hatta to the world. Results agreement Roem Royen proven less profitable-RI because it is only able to free from the clutches of Yogyakarta, the Netherlands. Territorial lasted until August 15, 1950, when Sukarno read the Charter of the establishment of the Unitary State of the diarsiteki by Moh Natsir.

These results are certainly far from expectations PDRI who wants Dutch to return to the Agreement Linggarjati “plus”, in recognition of Java, Sumatra and surrounding islands as territory of Indonesia with the addition of several regions. According to the Chairman of the Emergency Government Sjafruddin, may be a different story if the Emergency Government which has been negotiating for RI leaders who held the Dutch did not know the real conditions in the field and very likely they calculations concerning the power of the Dutch Republic as well as off the mark. While the strength of RI Emergency Government to know the details and understand if the Dutch are fragile and unlikely to continue the war much longer (Ajip Rosidi, 1986).

After the agreement was signed Roem Royen-May 7, 1949, Soekarno-Hatta as the person she said began to “go down the mountain” lobbying element of RI Emergency Government and army to accept it. However, the Emergency Government remains adamant in stance by issuing a statement about the terms of smiles-Roem Royen, 14 June. First, the military must remain in the position occupied at the time. Second, the Dutch troops to be pulled back from the position-position. Third, return of the Government of Indonesia to Yogyakarta after the Dutch evacuated the area.

Fourth, the Netherlands must recognize the sovereignty of Indonesia in accordance Linggarjati Agreement. Fifth, the establishment of a democratic government in Indonesia and independence not through the medium of Dutch. As time went, Sjafruddin start “softened” by the initiative of Indonesia in the Pacific leaders, and even he was “cool” the majority of Emergency Government and army leaders who refused Roem-Royen. Despite feeling “betrayed”, he explained that the Emergency Government stick to its founding would jeopardize the integrity of the state and nation.

To prevent discord and maintain the unity of Indonesia, he returned his mandate to the Soekarno-Hatta. Save this statesmanship of divide et impera RI Holland, also shows the greatness of soul and commendation as a leader. Peak, on July 13, 1949, the trial was held between the Emergency Government, Sukarno, Hatta, as well as a number two cabinet ministers. At the trial, Hatta December 19, 1948 to account for event-related reason not join the guerrillas, Bangka-foreign relations, and Roem-Royen Agreement.

In this session Sjafruddin formally handed back the mandate and end the heroic note PDRI for six months 21 days. None of the people who deny the element of success in connecting continuity Emergency Government Affairs. However, the heroism of Emergency Government in some understated regime would look like, even forgotten.

In the history of formal learning in Indonesia, Emergency Government almost never mentioned except in a few sentences so that it is time the government raises the political will to put things in context, including the problem of Emergency Government. Wise saying goes, a great nation is a nation that can appreciate the services of his hero. (*)

Muh U.S. Kholid
Magazine Executive Editor Matan PW Muhammadiyah in East Java


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