PSSI Do not Be Political Party Combat Event

Vice Chairman of the House Pramono Anung encourage all parties have not made ​​the PSSI as a battlefield of political parties. According to him, PSSI had flourished in the hands of experts and lovers of football, not a political party officials.

“Hopefully, whoever is given the opportunity to take care of PSSI really has nothing political burden. I hope that really does not become an arena PSSI struggles and battles of political parties. Leave the football lovers to take care of PSSI despite their backgrounds may politics but not because of his political background, “he said in the House of Representatives on Monday (2/28/2011).

PDI-P politician sees bright spots when the Appeal Commission PSSI chairman annul all candidates in general. According to him, thus still visible independence of the Appeal Commission.

For Pramod, should all parties back to the Statutes of FIFA with PSSI. However, should conform to the same interpretation in accordance with their original context. In solving the problem today, Pramono warned not to ram the government with PSSI.

“If the FIFA Statutes applied before, baseball is broke down like this since they broke down is because there are unscrupulous PSSI want the status quo persist. I had endorsed no one should make the PSSI as a political toy,” he said.


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