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Biggest Contributors Chemical Hair Damage

Grooming and daily activities performed by women to the hair, not realizing it makes the crown is always a concern this becomes damaged. Signs of which damaged hair, dry, dull, coarse, wrinkled, faded color, branching, and fracture. According to a survey by TNS Global U.S. Census, the factors causing damage to the hair is divided into four categories, namely environmental, daily care, heat, and chemicals.

Of the four factors, the use of chemicals and heat contributed to the damage most hair. More specifically, this survey details the causes of hair damage and the consequences thereof. The survey results showed the hair coloring activity for example, can cause damage up to 2.5-fold. Chlorine can also affect hair condition, because it can damage the hair up to 60 percent. Not to mention the daily hair care such as washing your hair wrong with products that do not fit your needs and hair type, the wrong way to dry hair, comb hair with a comb that is not right, and binding hair too tight.

The impact of chemicals
While the factor of use of chemicals on the hair cuticle and makes the loss of inner hair become brittle. The impact of the use of chemicals on the hair of them tangled hair, hair color fades, branched hair, and broken. Hair damage is caused by activities such as hair coloring, straightening, or curling the hair with chemicals, wax, hair spray, use the mouse, and exposed to chlorine.

Impact of hot temperatures
Hot temperature here is not caused by exposure to sunlight, but rather the use of electrical equipment. Habits blow dry, clamp, or curl hair with a cuticle and make hair loss on the inside of porous hair. As a result, damaged hair just like when you use chemicals.

Environmental Impact
Sunlight, pollution, cold temperatures, or dry, a threat to the health of hair. Unhealthy environmental factors are causing the loss of oil on the scalp surface and the outbreak of the cuticle. As a result, easy to dry and dull hair.

The impact of the wrong treatment
Everyday hair care that makes the cuticle lift incorrectly, resulting in hair becomes dry, rough, and wrinkled. For that you need to choose hair care such as shampoo or conditioner that is appropriate according to condition the hair and scalp, even adjusted to your lifestyle.

If the various factors causing the hair can not be avoided, because you love her hair following the trend now, no one can restrict your expression. You are free to have her hair as part of the lifestyle. But make sure you care about proper hair care or routine care in the salon as required. Healthy food intake also affect the condition of the hair to keep it healthy.


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