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10 Things Striking at the Oscars

Each year, the Academy Awards or so-called Oscar often displays surprising things, both in the arena and the atmosphere of the red carpet at the building site of a Oscar winner announcement. What are the scenes of the most shocking in the history of the Oscars? Check out the most interesting 10 things at once startling below.

10. Film Crash overturning predictions are surprisingly many critics as well as movie lovers who are very confident that Brokeback Mountain will take home the most prestigious trophy in the category of Best Film in 2006.

9. Beautiful actress Marisa Tomei managed to steal the award for Best Supporting Actress category, beating rivals such as Judi Davis, Vanessa Redgrave, and Miranda Richardson, which was considered more appropriate observers won the award.

8. In 2010, Sandra Bullock managed to beat the legendary actress Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren in the film The Blind Side for Best Female Actress category. From the expression Bullock, he seemed not to expect to win the award.

7. If you win an award, you certainly would like to thank my husband or wife and beloved family. However, this seems a bit forgotten by the time Hillary Swank won the Best Actress category in the movie Boys Do not Cry in 1999. Surprisingly, he forgot to mention the name of her husband, actor Chad Lowe, when to say thank you. But in 2004, he again won an Oscar for her role in Million Dollar Baby. As if learning from these events, this time he did not forget to thank my dear husband.

6. Any Oscars always shows a montage of film personality who has died, such as actors, actresses, directors, and producers. There’s a surprising thing in 2010, when television stars Farah Fawcett not included in the collage presented. This is what finally drawn protests from many quarters, especially the Fawcett family.

5. With the caliber director Steven Spielberg and his film, Saving Private Ryan, many parties are already sure of victory Spielberg. However, reality speaks another. Shakespeare in Love was winning the Best Film in 1998.

4. Daniel Day Lewis (Gangs of New York) and Jack Nicholson (About Schmidt) is championed to win the Oscar for Best Actor category. But the newcomer actor, Adrien Brody, made a surprise when a successful weed out the other nominee for her role in the movie The Pianist. I was so glad, she kissed the lips of Halle Berry, who was handed the award into the hands of Brody.

3. When Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Jennifer Garner on the red carpet (red carpet), suddenly the veteran actor, Gary Busey, kissed cheeks Garner Garner so shocked and half-frightened.

2. Two best friends, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, surprisingly won the Best Screenplay category in 1998 through the film Good Will Hunting. This is certainly quite surprising because the observer is more sponsor Boogie Nights and As Good As It Gets.

1. Cher appearance while wearing a weird dress on the red carpet, very surprising everyone who watched the Oscars in 1986.

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