Khoirul Anwar: Patent Owners Telecommunications Systems in Japan OFDM Based 4G

Who ever thought that the dead birds, balm ointment, and the story of the mummy of Pharaoh was no good. But this was the “turn on” hometown guy like Khoirul Anwar become top scientists in Japan. Wong Ndeso origin Jabon Hamlet, Village Juwet, District Kunjang, Kediri regency, East Java, it holds two important patents in the field of telecommunications. World admired him. Scientists submissive world when the first patent Khoirul, together with his colleagues, remodel grip about the efficiency of communication devices such as cell phones.

Khoirul is a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Department, Bandung Institute of Technology with a cum laude in 2000. He holds master’s and doctoral degrees from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in 2005 and 2008. He received the IEEE Best Student Paper Award of the IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), 2006, California, USA.

Prof. Dr. Khoirul Anwar is the owner of the patent-based telecommunications system 4G OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is an Indonesian citizen who now works at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

He reduced the power transmission in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. As a result, the speed of data sent rather than declining as usual, but actually increased. “We were able to reduce power up to 5dB = 100 thousand times smaller than previously required,” he said. The world praised him. Khoirul also awarded the Scientific Contributions of Foreign Affairs of the Consulate General Osaka in 2007.

In the second patent, again Khoirul offer something unusual. To achieve higher speeds, he eliminates altogether guard interval (GI). “That’s impossible,” she said friends of researchers. Without interval or distance, the frequency will collide frivolous. Just like in the classroom when all people talk loud simultaneously.

Scientific terms, there has been an extraordinary interference. However, the algorithm developed in the laboratory, Khoirul able to eliminate the interference and achieve maximum performance (performance of) the same. “Even better than usual with the GI system,” said this man.

Two special studies were probably not born when the first small Khoirul not obsessed with the dead birds, balsam which pierced nose, and the mummy of Pharaoh. The little boy was so inspired by the story of Pharaoh, the body remained intact until now. He also wanted to imitate do technology “balm” to his favorite bird that has died. “I use rubbing balm in the house,” said the couple’s second child Sudjianto (deceased) by Siti Patmi it.

Khoirul hope, with the experiments, the bodies of birds can be durable and hardened. In that spirit, he was smearing all over the bird’s body with rubbing balm. Unfortunately, day after day of walking, this farmer’s son said, “Technology balsam it never worked.” Studies that failed miserably was apparently researching meletikkan tremendous passion on Khoirul.

That’s what brought alumni ITB is now an assistant professor at JAIST, Japan. She teaches basic engineering courses, conduct research, and guiding students. Currently Khoirul are two topics to pursue his own research and six research topics that worked with six students.

During his stay in Japan, the man born in Kediri, August 22, 1978 was united with atmospheric research. “In Japan, I really feel we are the same level with the United States and European scientists,” said the father of three children. “The feeling confident as this appears likely because the research facilities are all full, maybe even better.”

Although doing well in Japan, Khoirul not want to live there forever. One time he and his family will boyongan to Indonesia. “I dream home after becoming an important person in the (telecommunications),” he said, “When in Japan, I feel the acceleration to get there so great, and once had a name, the new plan will return to Indonesia.” When? That’s what Khoirul also can not predict.

Now, while waiting for his hopes were realized, Khoirul will continue to immerse themselves in the laboratory. Beyond that, he certainly will not forget his family. Now, with his beloved wife, Sri Aunty Indriyani, and three hearts, living in Daigaku Khoirul Shukusha B-31, Asahidai 10-50, Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan.


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