8 The Thinking Style Genius

1. Geniuses always see problems in a variety of viewpoints.
They have a different perspective and are always looking for new perspectives that have not been used by someone else! Leonardo da Vinci believed that to increase knowledge to solve a problem, can be started by trying to reorder these problems with a variety of different ways.

2. Geniuses make their minds clearly defined.
When Einstein thought through a problem, he always formulate the problem in many different ways by using diagrams. He visualized solutions and mention that the words and figures do not play an important role in his thinking process.

3. Geniuses are people who are very productive.
Thomas Alva Edison held 1,093 patents. Mozart produced more than 600 compositions. In a 2036 study by scientists throughout history, Dean Keith Simonton of the University of California at Davis, found that scientists who are respected not only created many famous works, but many are bad. They are not afraid to fail, or make a big mistake to achieve great results.

4. Geniuses are always able to make various new combinations.
Combine and recombine, ideas, images, and thoughts into different combinations, no matter whether the result is odd or unnatural. For example Reverend Austria, Grego Mendel. He made the science of modern genetics and biology combine metematika so as to create new knowledge.

5. Geniuses capable of connecting the various events that bring ideas and solutions.
Leonardo Da Vinci discovered the relationship between the sound of the bell and a stone that fell into the water. This allows Da Vinci to make the connection that sound travels in waves.

6. Geniuses are able to think the opposite.
Physicist David Bohm believes that the geniuses have the ability to think is different from the crowd. Because they have a high tolerance level for things that seem unrelated. With such opposition, a genius even able to imagine as both a particle and a wave of different, and make them complementary. In this way, they are able to create something new.

7. People used to think metaphorically genius.
Aristotle considers “metaphor” as a sign of genius. He believes that individuals who have the capacity to accept the equation between the two being different and capable of connecting it is the individual who has a special talent.

8. Geniuses are always ready when there is opportunity.
Whenever we try something and fail, we usually will switch on something else. This is the first principle of creative accident. But failure can be productive only if we are not focused on the failure. Indeed, with the incident, the geniuses will be able to analyze the processes, components, and kemudaian turn it into another result. Therefore, do not ask, “Why did I fail?” But ask, “What have I done?”


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